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As a global leader in the technology industry, we’ve always done our best at Bulk Flash Drives to watch out for consumers, and to educate them every time there was an opportunity.  It should come as no surprise to you then that since the beginning of October, we’ve been carefully observing and researching some alarming tendencies in the USB 3.0 market.  Bulk Flash Drives has been an industry leader in all flash drive revisions from USB 1.0 on up.  We know what it takes to produce top quality drives, and have helped countless organizations, businesses and retailers realize their flash drive dreams and goals.  We have a good idea what is happening with the supply chain, and know what to expect in global forecasting and demand.

Our chief USB 3.0 team returned from a tour on several production facilities in Asia recently, and uncovered a number of noteworthy points on the new 3.0 technology.  These points have brought to light a number of performance and general awareness issues.  We had the team bring the issues back to our United States headquarters here in Sioux Falls, SD and we’d like to share some of the most important points.

 1. What are you really getting?

Starting October first, the global 3.0 USB flash market was inundated in TLC grade chips.. These caused a general reduction in output and capacity to levels hardly better than one of the top grade 2.0 chips you’d normally receive from CFgear.  Two global suppliers in particular have flooded the market with literally millions of USB 3.0 units from 4-16GB which have dreadful READ/WRITE speeds of only 10-15 Mb/second.

At CFgear, we focus specifically on the write speeds of our flash drives, and particularly our USB 3.0’s.  A vast majority of 3.0 uses are for transferring and storing vast volumes of information utilizing the write speed specs imbedded into the chipset.  A read/write speed of 10-15 MB/s is only slightly better than top grade Toshiba, Samsung, or Intel 2.0 flash drive sets which typically delivery 5-9 Mb/s.

To test the model further, we actually sent our teams out and purchased working drives from a number of top level US and overseas suppliers.  To our dismay we then found that the poor quality model is very wide spread.  Many suppliers will “tell” you that you can get 40 Mb/Second write speeds etc.  Some will even tell you “These are absolutely 5 to 10 times faster than your garden variety 2.0’s.”  In order to get them though, you will have to specifically ask for those chip sets, and pay handsomely for them. Average consumers can quickly be caught unawares, and wind up with substandard 3.0 drives that just aren’t worth your time and energy.  Now, you may ask, “How do I keep this from happening to me?!?”   This brings me to the next step: it’s simple…


One of the questions we get most often is: “ Will my USB 3.0 flash drive even work in a USB 2.0 port?”  The short answer is yes, it should work just fine.  USB 3.0 was engineered to be backwards compatible offering you the same ease of use you’ve come to expect with USB products. The real question though, is how FAST will the drive work in the 2.0 port?  Even IF you get a quality 3.0 drive it can only work as fast as the hardware in your device will allow it.  A 3.0 drive will run similarly to a top quality 2.0 drive plugged into the same 2.0 port.  The question to you then is: so I really need a 3.0 drive at all?  If you’re not sure, contact us right away, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you make good decisions.  All of our staff members are specifically trained to understand the ins and outs of the flash drive market, and are here to help make your project simple, easy, and stress free!

 3. Bulk Flash Drives Does it Better

In an effort to distance ourselves from sub standard suppliers, and to further prove that Bulk Flash Drives is THE industry leader, we recently began an all inclusive testing campaign in all 7 of our major production facilities.  We even have a staff of engineers and developers headed back to Asia to revisit the issues and to check in with top chip manufacturers in the region.  Doing so allows us to ensure the Bulk Flash Drives understands fully 100% of the technology and not just a few talking points, and more importantly allows our customers to understand just what value (or maybe lack of value) they will get with the “USB 3.0” name.  We’ve been a leader in the flash drive industry for years, and are committed to providing our customers and the USB industry with the foremost data on the trends in our market!

 4. How Do I Know What I’m Getting?

For starters, reference my second point, but more importantly ASK!  Even if you don’t purchase your drives from CFgear, we want you to get quality products you can depend on.  Force your suppliers to offer up the specs on the drives you’re investing your time, money and reputation into.  How much more are these 16GB 3.0’s going to cost me than a conventional 2.0 drive?  How fast exactly are the 3.0 drives you’re trying to sell me?  If it’s not fast enough for you, ask if you could pay for additional performance.  How much faster will THOSE be?  An even better option would be to say: “Here is my project with A, B and C as my specific requirements…What drive type/speed do I really need?”  These are all valid and important questions that ANY supplier should be able to answer for you quickly and accurately.  At the end of the day I’ll ask YOU a question:  Would you rather order a drive with no technical specs from an unknown company, or would you rather work with a Tech savvy USB expert with years of experience like CFgear?  Seems like an obvious choice to me…

At CFgear, we know the answers to your questions, and will help you through questions you may not have even considered.  We’re an  industry leader and consumer advocate, and we will help educate you from beginning to end, EVEN if that means not ordering products from us.  It’s not hard to sell a product nowadays, but only companies like Bulk Flash Drives put the time and energy into educating and protecting our customers.  Industry expert, and our CEO Scott Van Egdom was recently quoted saying:

“…the barrier to entry in many US based businesses today is simply a phone and a garage…
we have to BE better, THINK better, PREPARE better, EDUCATE better, TREAT CUSTOMERS
better and CONFIRM that we are better, through our preparation, investment and
desire to get to  know our customers.”   

 They’re words to live by in almost any industry, but are particularly important in ours.  USB 3.0 has some very exciting capabilities and we’re ready to walk you through step by step.  We understand that the 3.0 name in and of itself isn’t a universal constant across the multitude of technology platforms.  We’re strategically placed (as always) to help mitigate your risks and fears, and are happy to help share our ideas and feedback from our ever growing customer base.  We’ve got one of the brightest staffs in the world, and have always offered customer service that is second-to-none.  If you’re not sure where to start, contact Bulk Flash Drives today…It’s your brand and reputation…powered by CFgear.

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