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Smart Interfaces for USB Flash Drives

You can choose a preload interface based on your needs: clean and simple or extensive and powerful. All of our interfaces will help the users find the information they need displayed in an accessible format. Bulk Flash Driveswill help you decide which interface is best for your bulk flash drive project and won't push you to go with an interface more advanced than what you need.

We're here to help you get your information from the concept in your mind to the interface on the screen. Maybe you don't have content developed but find the preload interface interesting. Or maybe you have plenty of information available but need to refine it and pick out the important details to put on the flash drive. Our preload team can help you structure and refine your information into a format that best utilizes the preload interface.

Interface Capabilities

All of our clients have unique project objectives and differing budgets. So we offer three different interface selections to adapt to various needs. These preload interface packages have helped many clients receive a fully customized flash drive that get your message across to recipients, who can't help taking a second look.

Below, you can see the available options. If one of these options doesn't strik your fancy, feel free to give us a call. We'll work with you to develop the perfect preload solution to suits your project.

The NoFrills™ Interface

As a basic preloaded data interface, the NoFrills™ solution gives you the freedom to build your brand via a flash drive interface with up to four customizable (by title/name) navigation buttons. Learn more about our NoFrills interface.

The PowerTie™ Interface

The next step up from the NoFrills is our ever-popular PowerTie™ preloaded data interface. Aptly named, this interface is all dressed & ready to impress. Both the background image as well as up to six navigational buttons are customizable. Learn more about the PowerTie interface.

The StickyDrive™ Interface

The StickyDrive™ is our premium preload interface. The StickyDrive™ allows remote updates to the interface design, video or other content within the interface. Analytics offering insight into the usage of your promotional flash drives are also available. Learn more about the StickyDrive™ interface.