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Add a Custom F: Drive Icon to Your USB Flash Drive

At the foundation of internal flash drive customization is our “F: drive” solution. When a flash drive is inserted into the USB slot on a computer, generally it is displayed as the “Removable Disk (F:)” under Devices with Removable Storage. This generic label is accompanied by a standard removable storage icon. Both the icon and the label are able to be customized.

To achieve a professionally customized F: drive icon, we require a jpeg file of your logo and a name/label up to 13* characters long.

*The limitation of 13 characters is specific to the computer itself.

Click the images to view larger examples.


Standard F: Computer Drive Icon & Label

Standard F Drive Icon


Customized F: Computer Drive Icon & Label

Custom F Drive Icon

Custom F: Drive Icon Facts

1) The Custom F: drive solution is not yet Macintosh compatible. The Custom F: Drive logo and label will not work on Macintosh computers.

2) Due to the limited space allocated for the custom image/icon, the Custom F: Drive image may not appear as legible as the original jpeg file. Please ask a Solutions Director for a sample.

3) In order to make the Custom F: drive solution work, two files must appear on your flash drive. One of the files is a icon or image file representing your desired image. The other file is basically a code file that powers the Custom F: Drive solution. These files cannot be hidden inside a folder or they will not work properly. However, the files can be labeled whatever you wish in order to minimize confusion on the user end.

Two files (autorun & icon) that must appear on your flash drive

Files Required to Appear on Your Flash Drive