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Laser Etch Your Logo on Your Flash Drives

If you are seeking a durable, premium custom USB drive solution, our TruEtch™ solution is exactly for you. A blend of both art and science, TruEtch makes your brand speak volumes in terms of richness and sophistication. Our proprietary TruEtch process allows even the most detailed brands to be showcased on most any of our wood, leather, and metal USB flash drive models.

laser etching on metalBeginning with a vector-based logo file, our TruEtch process employs the most advanced laser etching equipment to masterfully transform your brand into a promotional flash drive that inspires attention.

USB flash drives consisting of wood, leather and metallic properties offer the richest environment for our TruEtch™ process to shine. In the end, your customized bulk flash drive project will undoubtedly symbolize integrity and class to those who receive the laser etched drives.

On leather, your brand will be expertly and permanently lasered into the flash drive. Because leather color and texture vary, each etching requires delicate attention to detail. As a general guideline, darker leather tends to etch in a slightly lighter shade. Lighter leather, depending on the suppleness, may etch darker. The end result is a collection of premium quality, enjoyably unique custom flash drives that bring to life the full power of your brand. It’s a modern example of craftsmanship, and one that we enjoy delivering to our clients time and time again.

laser etching on woodEach of our metallic encased flash drives contains its own unique properties. And so it is that our TruEtch process is even more critical. We understand the balance of fine art and advanced technology - how they each are necessary in achieving stunning brands. Metallic encased drives generally etch in a frosted or white color. What we know is it sometimes comes down to the tiniest of details, complete with intricacies surrounding laser intensity, velocity, and the proximity and placement of the metallic material.

Wood-based USB flash drives have been constantly increasing in popularity given the average consumer’s thirst for green products. As with leather or metal, each type of wood reacts uniquely to our TruEtch laser process. We’ve studied how the intensity of the stain affects the final mark as well as how the orientation and flow of the grain in the wood requires process adjustments. Flash drives comprised of wood casings will etch either to show the same wood color or slightly darker. In the end, our aim is to deliver flash drives that are both environmentally-friendly and truly inspiring in the way of custom craftsmanship.

There is no doubt, if you’re in search of the most durable, classic customized bulk flash drives, our TruEtch™ technology is the optimum choice. From a few hundred to ten thousand plus, we’ve proven our commitment to unequalled craftsmanship.

To receive pricing information on our proprietary TruEtch™ technology, please specify laser etching in the comments section of the pricing form.


Learn About Your Logo Customization Options

  1. Silk Screen

    A screen of porous material is used as a stencil for ink which is deposited onto our drives as a hard edged logo.

  2. Pad Imprint

    Small Silicon Pads are used to pick up a small layer of ink, and to deposit them onto any shaped surface. This one-step imprinting process allows us to create full color imprints on some of our models.

  3. Dome Imprint

    Our Dome Imprinting process utilizes a full color process printed logo covered with an acrylic dome, giving us a very durable, full color logo option available on our Swivel and Magnifico models.

  4. Laser Etching

    Laser Etching is a computer aided process which uses a laser beam (rather than a primarily mechanical head or tool) to etch onto our metal drives.

  5. Black Jack Etching

    Black Jack Etching takes our laser etching to the next level! We use our laser and a special blend of chemicals to produce a black colored etch on any of our silver colored metal drives.

  6. Embossing

    Our leather drives are perfect for embossing! Your logo can be permanently stamped onto any of our three leather models giving them a classy touch that any big-wig would enjoy

  7. Engraving

    If none of the other customization options are quite your style, we can always use the tried and true Engraver to trace the outline of a logo or add a personal touch to any of the metal drives in the Bulk Flash Drivesarsenal.