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musical flash drivesBackground music is a mainstay of many business or industry conferences; music, when played over loudspeakers, tends to help people be more relaxed and focused. At most wedding receptions or banquets, the hosts usually hire someone else to either play live music or play music through a sound system. However, some buildings are unsuitable for live bands, usually due to the building’s size or acoustics. Setting up large instruments, amplifiers, and other gear can be difficult in cramped spaces. Also, live music attractions are often an expense which the hosts are not willing to incur.

Whatever the reason, recorded music plays over speakers at most receptions and conferences. A good sound system means attendees can still enjoy high-quality music without the host having to worry about the logistics and expenses of hiring a live act and storing or transporting the band’s equipment. When recorded music is used, it’s usually played straight from a CD, via an mp3 player plugged into the sound system, or from a connected computer.

Of these options, many hosts find it easiest to hook up a laptop and play a custom playlist already organized on the computer. What if there was a way to make collecting these songs much easier? A music USB can be preloaded with songs of your preference for conferences or receptions. Bulk Flash Drives has helped one music company, IndieDrive, introduce music flash drives which can be sold with entire albums already loaded on the drive.

CFgear’s specialty is customizing products to fit the exact needs of their clients. We design and develop flash drives in bulk for any customer seeking a creative way to meet their goals. For instance, organizers of a conference can specify a playlist of songs for background music at the event and CFgear, with proper permissions and licensing, can load the songs onto a flash drive. Customers can then order in bulk quantities if need be. CFgear’s trademarked Pulse technology, used in the preloading process, ensures accurate and quick data transfer to the drives.

Wedding planners can also find great uses for music flash drives. A drive preloaded with love songs makes a perfect and simple addition for a wedding reception; the planner simply orders the drive and loads the songs onto a laptop or computer and plays the music over the sound system.

Bulk Flash Drives also can print a custom label with the company or band’s logo or an artist’s name on the flash drive. We offer custom packaging design for customers, using anything from bulk packaging with plastic-wrapped boxes to blister packaging and gift boxes. The impressive, appealing final design nicely complements the ease of playing background music from a music flash drive.

Flash drives are the newest innovative way to store and play music. Drives can hold several gigabytes of data to rival most mp3 players in terms of storage capacity. For more uses of custom bulk USB drives, browse through our website today.

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2 Responses to “Make Music with CFgear’s Music Flash Drives”

Candace Collins July 18, 2011

What would 100 flash drives 1g run, with three songs on 50 and the entire album on the other 50? As Well AS THE LOGO ON THE FRONT, just white flash w black logo

    CFgear July 18, 2011

    Thank you, Candace, for the question. I’ve passed on your question to our flash drive gurus, and they’ll be in contact with you shortly.