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Flash Drives Offer Countless Marketing Opportunities

Flash drives function kind of like portable, reusable hard drives. Your clients and prospects can easily carry these small units in a pocket, use them as a keychain, or even wear them around the neck like a necklace. At CFgear, we even sell USB flash pens, which sneakily contain a USB drive inside.

Flash drives plug into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port on your computer and typically can contain between 64 megabytes and 128 gigabytes of data. Flash drives have become significantly more popular over the last ten years as almost all computers now offer USB ports and memory limits have increased. The capabilities and popularity of USB drives have led to many opportunities with flash drive marketing.

Forward thinking business professionals continue to develop new ways to use USB drives effectively for marketing.


Custom Flash Drive Marketing Brings Branded Product to Clients

USB drives can be customized by laser etching a company's logo or professionally imprinting in color. Because of the many options, custom logo flash drives have quickly become convention and trade favorites around the world.

Companies of all sizes give branded custom logo flash drives to important prospects and customers, providing a constant reminder of the company each time they use the USB drive to back up a file or transfer documents.

Giving your current customers (and potential clients) promotional flash drives markets your business well by keeping your brand visible to customers while giving them a tool of real value they can use long term.


Flash Drive Marketing Promotes Your Brand to Your Target Audience

Marketing flash drives goes beyond corporate gifts and branded giveaways. Creative marketers are taking advantage of the memory capabilities of these small devices to convey their messages. Now, you can pre-load flash drives with video, data, music, or other files of your choice. A USB drive can load a specific website or auto-run a marketing message when a user plugs it into a computer. Clients can keep on using the promotional USB drive, storing their content together with the pre-loaded data. Marketing couldn't be any more efficient than this. Companies can combine a branded product--a custom logo USB flash drive--and a targeted message--a pre-loaded message or presentation.

The idea of using flash drives to deliver marketing messages began several years ago when car manufacturers pre-loaded flash drives with presentations promoting the features of their latest models. That idea spread quickly to companies large and small. Organizations, firms, and companies of all sizes in all kinds of industries have taken advantage of technology to stand out above the rest by using flash drive marketing to deliver their messages.


Strategies to Use Flash Drive Marketing in Business Organizations:

1. By cutting printing costs drastically, companies can free up funds to spend in other areas. You don't need to print multiple brochures when you can load them straight onto USB drives. Why not put your trademark tune in the background to make it a full interactive experience?

2. Creative and design agencies can offer multimedia portfolios containing links to additional internet content.

3. Organizations and companies can give new employees flash drives containing manuals, handbooks, and required work materials. Of course, the drives can feature your organization's logo and colors. Your workers can then assist your clients and prospects more easily with all this information accessible just by plugging in the flash drive. A customized flash drive shows that you genuinely care about your employees, and that you take the extra step to look professional. Your care for your employees will rub off on them and impress customers.

4. Companies can give away flash drives at a trade show or distribute through direct mail. Often, companies distribute magnets, business cards, pens, or brochures. More often than not, people just throw away or misplace these items. The companies who succeed most at trade shows find creative, cutting-edge ways to bring across their messages and publicize their services and products compellingly.

As the capabilities and options for flash drives keep expanding, marketing professionals will continue to find innovative and original ways to put flash drive marketing to use. In the world of custom flash drives, creativity stops only with your imagination.


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