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Try Our Dynamite Flash Drive Fundraiser!

Use custom flash drives to help raise additional funds for your organization or school.

Every year, Bulk Flash Drives helps many nonprofit groups raise money for excellent causes. Nonprofit groups including churches, school groups, youth sports organizations, scouts, bands, parent-teacher organizations (PTOs), parent-teacher associations (PTAs), and numerous other independent organizations all work with Bulk Flash Drives for refreshing and exciting fund raising programs and ideas.

Of course, you can go anywhere to purchase supplies for snow cone and ice cream fundraisers. However, finding a reliable partner for a technology based fundraiser is a whole different ballgame. At CFgear, we know how to use technology as an effective fundraising tool. We live and breathe custom flash drives and will guide you through the entire process. We also understand that your customers enjoy getting a high value product (i.e. cheap, short life span flash drives won't do), while feeling great about supporting your cause.

At CFgear, we make sure that your program receives OUR complete attention! USB drives are a red-hot fund raising tool today, with the ability to print custom logos, choose bright colors, and use metal, plastic, or wood. Not to mention the potential to deliver them quickly. We pledge to provide top of the line customer service to every one of our customers. At CFgear, we'll do everything in our power to make every fundraiser we're involved with succeed completely!


Our simple 4 Step Process to Fundraising

1. Take a few moments to fill out the Fundraising Proposal form found further down this page, or give us a call at 800-371-1984 to speak with one of our fundraising specialists over the phone. We’ll be happy to discuss any details related to your specific fundraising effort.

2. Estimate the number of flash drives you hope to sell during your fundraising campaign. Also, determine a price range which you believe will attract the most customers. Our fundraising flash drives come in sizes ranging from 64MB to 64GB, meaning our prices are very flexible based on your project's budget. In most cases, the fundraising profit ends up being at least 30% of cost per flash drive, which means there will be no need to count quarters from selling 50 cent candy bars!

3. After fully planning your fundraising project, we’ll send some virtual plans of the flash drives to make sure you're happy with the design. Once you're satisfied with the look, we’ll send the order forms you'll need to start your fundraising campaign immediately.

4. The best part about our fundraising programs is our payment plan, which means there's no money down required and payment is delayed until the end of your fundraiser. This means you'll be able to immediately start taking orders on the pre-printed order forms. Our order forms are printed with a picture of the drives, so your customers can get a look at what the drive looks like. Once the fundraiser has ended and all the money is collects, simply send us the forms and we'll be in touch with you to finalize the orders and method of payment!

5. So far, our most successful fundraising project earned more than $2000 for a California high school booster club. If you surpass that amount, we'll write a feature story on your fundraising efforts and organization on our website, showing other groups and organizations the potential power of technology-based fundraising. We encourage you to send us your fundraising story: email us with a picture or two and a brief write-up, and we may post it in our blog!

Call us at 800.371.1984 to discuss any upcoming fundraiser.

Ideas for School Fundraisers

Free advice! Check out these four ways to raise funds with school branded flash drives.

  1. School Spirit

    Preload a calendar of a specific school group's events to help promote students' loyalty to that organization and build school spirit.

  2. School Store

    Combine your custom branded flash drives with lanyards and blister packaging, creating a turnkey fundraising item that faculty and students will line up to buy in your school's store.

  3. Souvenir

    Place a video of an event (graduation, concert, play, etc.) on a school branded flash drive to sell to parents and students.

  4. Sponsorship

    Offer local businesses sponsorship opportunities to help contribute to the cost of the USB drives. Imprint a business logo opposite the side of the school's logo or preload promotional info about their company in the drive's memory.


Develop a Flash Drive Fundraiser Today

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