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Arguably among the top 10 most thankless jobs out there, teaching high school typically means work beyond the 8-hour work day as well as the 5-day week. Unpaid overtime combines with low-tech methods long abandoned by the business world to make the work load even more difficult.

To help you understand how abulk flash drive program can lighten English teachers’ loads, consider the following real-life scenario.

I remember it well: the Freshman English poetry project. Each student’s project would consist of five original poems, reflecting different styles of poetry we would be covering in class, in addition to two already-published poems for each of the five categories.

My preparation for the project included printing a general 2-page instruction sheet, category-specific grading sheets for each original poem for each student, and a final project grading sheet. In order to keep the pages easily identifiable, I chose a different color for each of them. And did I mention that I taught 4 sections of Freshman English?

Let’s do the math: 6 grading sheets plus 2 info. pages equals 8, times 25 students (on average) times 4 sections equals 800 pages. (And we won’t even go into the lost pages I had to supply!) When could I camp out at the copier, tying it up for well over an hour? After 4 p.m., of course. I carefully stacked each class set in a separate letter tray and made my first trip from the copy room to my classroom, located at the opposite corner of our school’s campus. When one class set fell to the floor in an almost artistic pattern of pastel squares, my eyes misted with tears. Why was this going on in the 2000s?

If our Language Arts department had sprung for bulk flash drives instead of another collection of paperback novels that would find their places amid the bookshelves full of such untouched resources, I could employ a teacher’s aide to sit at my computer during class time, loading the materials onto students’ flash drives. Or, better yet, I could have ordered them already preloaded by Bulk Flash Drives with such standard forms I used in my class at the beginning of the year! In addition to saving me valuable time, energy, and organizational prowess, I could have provided students with notes regarding poem details for them to reference as they worked on their projects.

I know exactly how I would have organized the preload: First, by unit, then by category (notes, assignments, projects, etc.). Within my poetry project folder, I would create a file for each poem, which is where the related grading sheet would be and also where I would instruct students to save their poems, which I would mark up in the perfect penmanship afforded me by Microsoft. If you want to use your Language Arts grant money to save your teachers valuable time and energy, then bulk flash drives from Bulk Flash Drives is a wonderful way to go.

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