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The Stealth™ USB Drive

Drive Info

The Stealth looks like it just landed from spying over a no-fly zone. Experience mach-like transfer speeds with Micron® chip technology. Carry your data in style with a sleek aluminum body with black highlights and retractable USB stem. Promote your organization's name with laser etching.

Size Availability (not updated)

The Stealth™ Flash Drive Specifications (not updated)

Basic Specs

Material: Hard plastic; rubberized finish available

Sizes: 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB

Standard Colors: White, Black, Red, Blue, Gray, Exact color matching available

Imprint Information

Imprint size: Front: 28x9mm, Back: 28x9mm

Imprint Method

1-3 color silk screen: included 4 color silk screen, full color process available

Shipping & Packaging

Ship Weight: approx. 4.5 lbs per 100 Packaging: Plastic Sleeve or White Paper Box


Here are some suggested accessories to enhance the Stealth flash drive.

Perfect Little Package

Tuck your flash drive away securely into a custom-molded holder inside this handy-dandy, classy-looking little box. It's the perfect container to hold your flash drive. You'll look for every excuse you can get to show off your handy flash drive-in-a-box.


This handy ring-on-a-string hooks onto a keychain, adding a classy touch to any set of keys and making the flash drive even more accessible.

Brown But Green

Doesn't look green to you? Rest assured that this recycled wood box shows our support for the environment. A foam insert shelters the USB drive inside. It's a classy box, inside and outside.

Creative Uses

Creative Ways to Use Bulk Flash DrivesFlash Drives

You can picture this flash drive gliding into an enemy camp late at night. From its aluminum body to its option of laser etching, you'll find the Stealth the perfect tool to not-so-stealthily boost your image. The retractable USB head means no cap to lose.

Consider This Scenario

Police officers must fill out a report for every call that they take. This could include brief reports simply stating contact information and the reason for the call. This could also include a dozen page detailed report on an investigation. For every call they are on, documentation is required. This often leaves them staying over late at the station to get all their paperwork done. However, with the use of flash drives, police officers could work on their paperwork at home.

Flash drives could be preloaded with necessary forms or report outlines in which the officer could just fill in the information. A 32 GB flash drive could store as many as 640,000 document pages. The officer could easily have access to reports at home, at the station, and even in their patrol car. Law enforcement agencies could offer flash drives to their officers as a way to store information and complete documentation at home.

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