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The Executive™ USB Drive

Drive Info


Got an executive-looking jacket? Sport a professional image all the way down to the flash drive on your keychain. The Executive brings a high-class look that we can enhance by laser etching your logo. Offered in black and brown leather.


Size Availability

The Executive™ Flash Drive Specifications

Basic Specs

Material: Leather

Sizes: 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB

Standard Colors: Black, Brown

Imprint Information

Imprint size: Front: 45x18mm, Back: 15x18mm

Imprint Method

1-3 color silk screen/laser etching/embossing: included 4 color silk screen available

Shipping & Packaging

Ship Weight: approx. 4.5 lbs per 100 Packaging: White Paper Box or Plastic Sleeve


Here are some recommended accessories which complement the Executive flash drive.

Perfect Little Package

Tuck your flash drive away securely into a custom-molded holder inside this handy-dandy, classy-looking little box. It's the perfect container to hold your flash drive. You'll look for every excuse you can get to show off your handy flash drive-in-a-box.

Leather Pouch

Put on your cowboy hat and head down the trail. Here's a rugged, durable pouch that feels like it could withstand a beating outside. Customize it by embossing your logo. Offered in black or brown leather.

Ply Wouldn't This Be Great

Impress all those people who carry their flash drives around on strings or keychains. Pull out your stylish wooden box and take out the flash drive. This lightweight, handy-sized plywood box holds your drive perfectly. What else could you ask for? Available in au naturale.

Creative Uses

Creative Ways to Use Bulk Flash Drives Flash Drives

This drive will impress the pickiest of business professionals. From its stylish look to its smooth leather feel, the Executive displays the highest of class. No more boring plastic flash drives. With a keychain attachment, this drive could hang beside keys for the finest of sports cars. You can purchase it in generic black and brown leather and also in other colors and finishes. In keeping with our support for the great outdoors, no animals were harmed in creating this drive.

Consider This Scenario

Every summer, countless invitations for family reunions begin to show up in mailboxes. While you may be able to attend some, chances are you will have to miss out on one or two of the reunions during your busy summer schedule. However, committee members in charge of family reunions could compile pictures and information about the reunion onto flash drives.

Rather than wasting money printing out hundreds of pictures to send to family members, they could place every picture taken onto a flash drive. The recipient could then pick and choose which pictures to print. Family history and information could also be included on the flash drive, as well as a few pictures from previous reunions. For traveling visitors, information about the town, hotels, restaurants, etc. could also be included on the flash drive. If an elderly member of the family is unable to attend, they would surely appreciate a flash drive filled with pictures of the event. The flash drive will offer memories for many years to come.

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