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The CFsecure™

Drive Info

How many times have you just thrown your hands up in frustration, screaming, “Why, oh why, don’t I have a flash drive with sophisticated encryption software to keep my data safe?”

Okay, so you may not have yelled it much, but we’ve had a ton of requests from clients for a safe, reliable way to store their important data. As your friend in the business, we’re ALWAYS happy to accommodate, so we came up with the CFsecure drive to fit the bill.

Size Availability

The CFsecure™ Flash Drive Specifications

Basic Specs

Material: Rubberized Plastic & Aluminum

Sizes: 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB

Standard Colors: White, Black

Imprint Information

Imprint size: Front: 12x13, Back: 20x13 mm

Imprint Method

1-3 color silk screen: included 4 color silk screen, pad imprint, laser etching available

Shipping & Packaging

Ship Weight: approx. 4.5 lbs per 100 Packaging: Bulk packaging in 20 ct. trays

Hardware Encryption

Hardware Specifications

The CFsecure represents countless hours of R&D from Bulk Flash Drives Labs, and it is a top-of-the-line option for data storage safety. We went through a number of different options to find the perfect setup, and to put it bluntly, here’s what we came up with:

The CFsecure utilizes the basic Bulk Flash Drives top notch USB 2.0 hardware setup. From there, we added in a blazing fast AES hardware accelerator. It’s been certified by FIPS 140-2 CAVP to ensure reliable speeds. This software we’ve created supports flash drives sized up to 32GB, and it works flawlessly with USB specs from 1.1 to 2.0. It’s supported by Mac OS 9.0 and higher, Linux 2.4, and Windows ME and higher.

The CFsecure ... for the rest of us!

At Bulk Flash Drives we understand that there are many different levels of “tech-saavy-ness." If the terms above went way over your head, here’s the long and short of it:

We load the drives up with some top-of-the-line software. It’s VERY user friendly, and it offers a “public” as well as a “private” section. If you access the “private” section with your password, you’ll be able to view and edit your files at will. When you resave the documents, they’ll be encrypted again for safety. Once your additions are complete and you log out of the “private” section, your data is safely locked away. The interface is user friendly, and should be easy for just about anyone to use.


Here are some recommended accessories which complement the CFsecure drive.


This simple little loopudeeloop accessory is widely popular as it's able to instantly transfer any custom flash drive into a "hey now I can just throw this on my key chain" solution.


Who can resist? Slap the customizable lanyard on any drive and instantly transform it into a "we humans love to twirl things around" flash drive. Available in standard black or other colors if we like ya!

Velour Pouch

Every drive in our arsenal tucks pleasingly and perfectly inside this velvet styled pouch. Available in classic black, rich chocolate, and power red.

Creative Uses

Consider This

Tech-savvy teens are sweeping the nation. From playing video games to doing homework online, teenagers are becoming more and more computer literate. When shopping for a tech-savvy teen, turn to the CFsecure.

Full of fun and reliability, the CFsecure safely stores important data and information. Available in black or white, the capless USB drive carries an imprint space on both its front and back. The imprint space is perfect to add a logo of a favorite sports team, superhero character, or personal message.

The CFsecure USB drive is available in the sizes of 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB. Easy to transport, the CFsecure can go with the teenager to school, to a friend’s house, to share photographs and school projects with other family members, and back home again. With multiple uses and portability, the CFsecure is an ideal git for any tech-loving teenager.

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