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Flash Drive Models Available in Bulk Quantities

Around Bulk Flash Drives, we like to say that anything is possible! We offer flash drives in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. If you can't find a particular USB flash drive model you want, email us a picture and we'll do our best to locate it, rigorously test it, and customize it to your liking. We also offer completely custom shaped flash drives and can create a totally unique looking 3-D drive from a photograph or napkin sketch that you provide.

Most Popular Flash Drives

Check out our bestselling USB flash drives for high volume orders. Whether you only need a hundred or 30,000 drives, we're here to serve you.

List of All Flash Drives

Below, you can view a complete alphabetical catalog of all of Bulk Flash Drives's USB flash drives available for bulk purchase. If you don't see a certain flash drive that strikes your fancy, go ahead and call us at 800.371.1984. We're available to help you 9 AM to 6 PM CST, Monday through Friday. We'll happily hunt down your drive or create a new model from scratch to help you develop the perfect flash drive solution.

The Bulk Flash Drives Distinction

What's the most important factor in the wholesale price of customized USB flash drives? Hands down, the quality of the hardware matters most. But we don't mean just general quality. OK, so most people only think about the amount of memory--2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, etc. They don't care about discussing outside casing material (plastic, metal, wood, rubberized) or read/write speeds. Too many technical details overwhelm the ordinary person.

At Bulk Flash Drives, we do extraordinary work. We insist on finding only the best premium grade materials for every part of our customized USB flash drives, inside and out. We work only with experienced companies who help us develop drives with sturdy external casings, reliable read/write speeds, and outstanding accessory and preload options.

Yeah, we like to brag. But we take the time to make sure we deliver flash drive solutions way better than the average, ordinary drives you'll find elsewhere. We work passionately to provide you with products of only the highest quality.