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At Bulk Flash Drives we field hundreds of requests for custom shaped flash drives each week. Some are naturally more exciting than others, but this one caught our attention for a number of reasons. The Sawgrass Recreation Park out of Weston, FL contacted us with an interesting concept: How do you combine an already dynamic brand identity with technology, while offering a novel product to potential and existing clients?

The Sawgrass Recreation Park is based out of the Florida Everglades, and offers a number of different programs to groups, schools, individuals and families wanting to learn more about the area and native wildlife. They also offer a number of private and group tours, in addition to some incredible fishing and camping. One of their most popular exhibits involved the American Alligator. After learning about their needs, we agreed that the Alligator would make an incredible custom shaped flash drive, so we set to work putting together some 3-D models with the photos they provided.

As you can see from the renderings here, our designers came up with some outstanding designs which grab the imagination of visitors, while offering the tried and true technology that Bulk Flash Drives is known for worldwide. Once the shape was worked out, we needed to find a way to feature their brand identity on the drives without taking away from the shape concept. If you take a look at the Sawgrass logo, you’ll notice that they have a very specific set of brand standards that we needed to work within.

In order to accommodate, we came up with two different options for them to choose from, both of which utilized the largely undecorated belly of the alligator. In the first option (pictured below), we wanted to utilize the entire full color logo.

With the first option, our world class production staff used the popular Bulk Flash Drives dome imprinting technique to produce a 4-color process logo with an acrylic dome, which was then applied to a specially milled portion of the belly.

In the second option, we used a simpler option to accomplish a similar end product. By removing the text portion from the more complicated logo, the branding was simplified dramatically allowing us to build the text portion directly into the mold. The recreation park was VERY excited about the products we custom made for them, and their drives should be rolling off the production line in the next couple of weeks.

This is just one of the many projects we’re working on everyday here in Sioux Falls, and we’re always coming up with new and better ways to serve our valued clients. If you have a project and need a little help, or a complete overhaul, give us a call at 800.371.1984. Our friendly staff is always ready to lend a hand. It’s just one more reason we’re your friend in the business!

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4 Responses to “Custom Alligator Shaped Flash Drive? No Problem”

hayley July 24, 2012

looking for custom shaped usb quote for a 2G and 4G option

Scott Van Egdom July 24, 2012

Thanks Hayley!

CFgear does more custom shaped USB flash drives on a monthly basis than any other company in the US. Withe more than 1000 custom shapes under our belt, you can rest assured CFgear can deliver a special and one of a kind USB drive that will blow away your expectations. From an alligator to a zebra, from an apple to a zucchini or from an Android shaped custom USB flash drive to a Zeppelin aircraft, CFgear has in reality done nearly one custom shape of every item known to mankind, but we are always up for a challenge so let us know if you have one we’ve never done before, and we will show you how to turn your idea into a cool, memorable, fun and effective promotional item.

Lenora August 6, 2012


I am wondering if you have any of this style in stock to order? and the amount per drive

Scott Van Egdom August 6, 2012

Hi Lenora!

Unfortunately the custom alligator pictured were all sold to the Everglades National Park in Florida and both of us are sold out at present. When we make more we can reach out to you then and see if you would like us to add some additional drives to the order. CFgear is the home of the truly one of a kind custom flash drive so we will certainly be up for a new animal shaped flash drives project soon!