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At Bulk Flash Drives we look at longtime customer Cooper Clinic of Dallas, Texas as delivering a message similar to ours, but in a different facet of life. Bulk Flash Drives is about saving natural resources and using technology to eliminate constant pressure on the world’s forests by elimination paper as much as possible. Cooper Clinic, a decade long customer of Bulk Flash Drives has a similar message, but it is geared to using the body to maintain wellness, fitness and quality of life.

Cooper Clinic utilizes state of the art technology, delivered on a custom piece of USB thumb drive technology developed by Bulk Flash Drives to share important health and related information directly with their customers. Bulk Flash Drives takes a great deal of pride in what we do on a daily basis, but when we know our custom USB technology is being utilized to deliver a message of preventative health, fitness and improved quality of life, it makes the information and marketing message that much more powerful!

Bulk Flash Drives continues to deliver more health related custom USB flash drives than any other company in the USA. If you have a need to deliver your medical content, ideas or education to a wide audience, follow a leader like Cooper Clinic and deliver your content with a powerfully branded piece of USB technology direct from CFgear!

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