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As a global leader in the technology industry, we’ve always done our best at Bulk Flash Drives to watch out for consumers, and to educate them every time there was an opportunity.  It should come as no surprise to you then that since the beginning of October, we’ve been carefully observing and researching some alarming tendencies in the USB 3.0 market.  Bulk Flash Drives has been an industry leader in all flash drive revisions from USB 1.0 on up.  We know what it takes to produce top quality drives, and have helped countless organizations, businesses and retailers realize their flash drive dreams and goals.  We have a good idea what is happening with the supply chain, and know what to expect in global forecasting and demand.

Our chief USB 3.0 team returned from a tour on several production facilities in Asia recently, and uncovered a number of noteworthy points on the new 3.0 technology.  These points have brought to light a number of performance and general awareness issues.  We had the team bring the issues back to our United States headquarters here in Sioux Falls, SD and we’d like to share some of the most important points.

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CFgear, a leader in the flash drive industry, launches two new custom flash drive options

Sioux Falls, S.D., April 26, 2010—Bulk Flash Drives proudly announces two new custom flash drive solutions to join their collection of products and services. Recently introduced at the South Dakota TechKnowlogy Summit, the “Key to your Heart” and the cleverly named “Hide and Seek” flash drive models will be available for the general public in late May of 2010.

Resembling an actual metallic key in size and shape, the Key to Your Heart flash drive offers outstanding technology and functionality. The sturdy stainless steel body combines with advanced Chip on Board technology to protect the drive from damage and provide a stylish look.

Metal key shaped flash drive

The Hide and Seek flash drive boasts an integrated SD Micro card reader in addition to flash memory from 256MB to 16GB. Built from top grade aluminum alloy, this drive even offers the possibility of a custom logo through CFGear’s custom BlackJack laser etch process. continue

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Sioux Falls, S.D., April 16, 2010—Bulk Flash Drives proudly announces the expansion of their first-class flash drive duplication service and capabilities. They have enhanced the fulfillment speed and memory capacity of their high quality duplication system, while continuing to offer customers all the basic duplication services of before. continue

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Bulk Flash Drives launches new cutting-edge laser etching process

Sioux Falls, S.D., April 7, 2010—Bulk Flash Drives proudly announces BlackJack etching, their newest flash drive laser etching process.

BlackJack laser etching provides the most effective way to etch permanent, black laser logos and text onto metallic flash drives.  CFgear’s customers no longer have to accept just a black imprint that may wear over time, or, with a standard laser etching, that leaves metal exposed to display your logo. The BlackJack process has been in development for a while, and Bulk Flash Drives is pleased to bring this process to market just in time for spring orders. continue

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