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Frequently Asked Questions About Flash Drives

  1. Flash Drive Basics

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    Q. What is a USB flash drive?

    A: A USB Flash Drive is a small, portable USB drive that stores data in flash memory. A USB drive acts kind of like a portable hard drive. Flash drives can hold large quantities of information (up to 256 GB at time of writing). They can be compact enough (as small as a pack of gum, pocketknife, or thick credit card) to easily slip on a key chain, into your wallet, around your neck with a lanyard, or around your wrist as a bracelet.

    A flash drive differs from the typical computer hard drive in that the flash drive contains no moving parts. USB drives use technology called "flash memory" to read and write digital data. Thus, many people call them "flash drives"; people also frequently call them "USB flash drives" or sometimes just "USB drives" because of the useful USB interface. Compared to old-fashioned floppy storage, a flash drive lets you save, store, delete, transfer files when you want and as much as you want (the average flash drive lasts about 10 years).

    A floppy disc or even a CD (compact disc) doesn’t allow for the “recycling” of data storage to the extent a flash drive does. Plus the old CDs and/or floppies just don’t look as great hanging from your keychain. In conclusion, a flash drive mobilizes digital content, allowing you to save files and carry them with you anywhere.

    Q. How do flash drives work?

    A: Simply plug your flash drive into the USB port on your computer or another USB-equipped device. If the USB drive has a light (LED), that will flash to show that it is operational. Your computer probably will recognize a new flash drive has been inserted and ask you if you want to open the drive or run files already stored on the drive. Click the option to 'open' or 'explore' the flash drive. If your computer is running Microsoft Windows, you can also view the drive by clicking 'My Computer' from the 'Start' menu to list all your computer's drives. Look for the flash drive and double-click its icon to open it.

    Move files to the flash drive by selecting and dragging them into the folder that then appears on your screen. Now, your files are stored on your USB drive (this process usually happens instantly but can take more time when moving large files). You may unplug your flash drive anytime, just as long as no files are being written to or read from the flash drive. Make sure the LED (if your drive has one) is not flashing. To move the items from your flash Drive to a different computer, open the files on the USB drive as described above. Next, drag them to your desired location on that computer.

    Q. How much data can I store on a flash drive?

    A: The answer depends on what kind of data you want to store on your USB drive as well as how much space the drive has.

    We'll create a potential "flash drive scenario" and estimate a typical photograph at 1.6 MB, Word document at 53 KB, and an MP3 audio file at 16 MB of songs. Calculating from this data, here is how much each USB drive size could hypothetically hold:

    1. A 32 GB flash drive can store 19,200 pictures; 640,000 doc pages; or 2,048 MP3 files. 2. A 16 GB flash drive can store 9,600 pictures; 320,000 doc pages; or 1,024 MP3 files. 3. An 8 GB flash drive can 4,800 pictures; 160,000 doc pages; or 512 MP3 files. 4. A 4 GB flash drive can store 2,400 pictures; 80,000 doc pages; or 256 MP3 files. 5. A 2 GB flash drive can store 1,200 pictures; 40,000 doc pages; or 128 MP3 files. 6. A 1 GB flash drive can store 640 pictures; 20,000 doc pages; or 64 MP3 files. 7. A 512 MB flash drive can store 320 pictures; 9,600 doc pages; or 32 MP3 files. 8. A 256 MB flash drive can store 160 pictures; 4,800 doc pages; or 16 MP3 files. 9. A 128 MB flash drive can store 80 pictures; 2,400 doc pages; or 8 MP3 files. 10. A 64 MB flash drive can store 40 pictures; 1,200 doc pages; or 4 MP3 files.

    For actual use, storage limits will differ for each user. For example, for a professional photographer who works mainly with pictures from 3 to 5 MB each, your USB drive will fill up much more quickly than if your pictures were about 1.5 MB each.

  2. Sales

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    Q. Why Bulk Flash Drives?

    A: This is probably the question potential clients most frequently ask us. As you might or might not know, all flash drives are definitely NOT the same. Some contain recycled NAND Flash memory chips inside, and, while that allows for a very cheap price, that also can contribute to high failure rates with a shorter lifespan of drive cycles. We guarantee that all of our 64MB flash drives contain brand NEW premium NAND flash memory chips as well as controllers manufactured by reputable companies such as Hynix, Micron, and/or Samsung, utilizing the same stringent manufacturing processes we use for our 64GB drives.

    At Bulk Flash Drives we have developed a solid reputation for quality and refuse to risk our reputation on substandard workmanship or materials. In fact, we’ve lost track of the number of times companies have asked us for urgent shipments of USB drives to replace those they purchased elsewhere that had very high failure rates. When somebody who also sells shirts and pens focuses simply on taking the next order for promotional items, your company brand and your project are then at risk.

    We focus solely on technology, and our executive team possesses over 50 years of experience with technology. Thus, you can certainly count on Bulk Flash Drives to remove the guesswork and to make sure to complete your project as expected. We know that your brand is too critical to put at risk to just anybody, and we take this responsibility seriously out in the vast prairies of South Dakota!

    Q. What features differentiate quality flash drives from other drives?

    A: As mentioned above, make sure your NAND flash memory chips and controllers are made by Grade A or Tier One manufacturers. You will recognize their names! Second, the quality of a drive's housing is critical and can teach you much about what is built inside your USB drive. Metals should be hardened and resistant to scratches. Metal housing should be heavy material, such as high-grade anodized aluminum, and should not feel like metallic plastic. At Bulk Flash Drives, we constantly review the drives sold in the promotional items marketplace in addition to those available from mass market retailers. We've found that the differences in person are striking. We’ve worked and researched to purchase drives from other companies to help you take the guesswork out of finding a perfect custom USB drive.

    A few other factors that indicate you might want to talk to Bulk Flash Drives before finishing your next project:

    Limited options for color. We mean literally thousands of colors. Any less than this, and you are probably buying stock drives, which generally use older NAND technology and were, very possibly, made a long time ago. Every order at Bulk Flash Drives is a fresh custom factory order that includes brand new NAND flash memory and controllers.

    Plastic key chain connections and key ring. Plastic connectors, especially when on metal drives, certainly indicate a cheaper drive. These connectors generally appear on “metal” drives that actually are produced from hardened plastic. Ask specifically for proofs or photos of your drives in order to to be certain. We offer proofs for all the flash drive projects we do and ask for your final approval for every project.

    Certified RoHS Compliance. Non-RoHS components sell more cheaply than compliant ones, thus their common appearance in the marketplace. Make sure the partner whom you entrust your brand to adheres to these rigorous quality compliance measures for every project.

    Read/Write Speed. Your drives should be high quality on the inside and not just a fancy logo on the outside! On 1GB drives with Micron or Samsung NAND memory, you should be able to easily achieve random read speeds from 14 to 23 MB/s and random write speeds from 2 to 7MB/s. You don’t need to sacrifice quality for a reasonable price. As we mentioned above, we search major retailers, the internet, and the like in order to research and purchase USB drives to test, while keeping our prices competitive and our drives the best quality in the industry!

    Q. Can you match a competitor's pricing?

    A: At Bulk Flash Drives we take special pride in our factory direct pricing. If you find a quote offering a price lower than ours, we'll happily review the quote and do our best to undercut it! Simply e-mail or fax us the quote, and we'll take care of the rest. Contact us by email or at our fax number (888.259.6889). .

  3. Warranty, Quality Control, RoHS

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

    Q. What are the details of your warranty or exchange policy?

    A: We offer a no-questions-asked, lifetime exchange program. If any one of your Bulk Flash Drives USB drive products malfunctions, we will gladly replace it with a similar capacity and style model.

    Q. What are your quality control procedures?

    A: We offer the industry’s only Triple-Distilled™ approach for ensuring Quality Control. It begins in the engineering/design stage of your custom USB drive project. After confirmation/approval, your project travels to the production floor, where it is once again Quality Controlled based on your project specs and Bulk Flash Drives benchmarks (preload functionality, logo coloration/size, packaging, overall performance and functionality of flash drive). Finally, the product moves to Bulk Flash Drives headquarters to meet a final inspection. When we identify product at any of these stages that does not meet Quality Control guidelines, this product is either repaired or replaced in order to become completely compliant.

    Q. Is Bulk Flash Drives RoHS compliant?

    A: Yes! For everyone outside the European marketplace, RoHS (The Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances) is a directive that came into effect July 1, 2006. The RoHS Regulations put in place the provisions of the European Parliament & Council directive on the Restrictions of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (2002/95/EC). The main objective of RoHS is to protect the environment and human health. We do everything we can in order to protect mother earth in our state and around the world! You might notice that we even package your custom flash drive solutions using recycled newspapers and/or plastic. That's just another way we do our part to keep mother earth as green as we possibly can keep it!

    Q. Are you really located in South Dakota?

    A: That's the second most frequent question we get! Not sure why, but maybe other organizations don’t want you to know where they are located. At Bulk Flash Drives, we're proud about our Midwestern heritage and work to deliver those hard-working qualities to you with every project we discuss. If that's not enough proof, ask us to e-mail a picture of us shoveling snow when it is negative 30 degrees (before windchill) outside of our office! But we enjoy ourselves, and we hope that our constant efforts to meet and exceed your every need is proof!

  4. Disclaimers

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    Q.Trademarks & Promotion

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