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As the new school year approaches, high schools around the country reveal their long-time position as prime institutions to keep paper mills humming. The waste associated with the paper trails might not be the biggest part of the problem, though.

Any high school staff member believes they need to be preparing high school students for college. How are colleges communicating with their students these days? Electronically. From class registrations to course syllabi and even assignments, everything is being done online these days.

How can you help your high school bridge the gap between low-tech paper forms and highly sophisticated web-based learning? How about with bulk flash drives from CFgear.com.

Eliminate Extra Paper

Some schools send out fairly hefty packets that include all kinds of information for parents and students. All those forms can be included on one handy device, instead:

• Academic calendars
• Course offerings and class schedules
• Class registration forms
• Teacher contact information
• Insurance waivers
• Sports schedules
• Student handbooks

Help Your Office Staff

Instead of copying and sorting all those forms, your office staff can focus on other tasks or even work shorter days during those last few weeks of summer.

In the mean time, we’ll be out here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, letting our preloading and duplicating technology create your fully custom bulk flash drives for high school students.

Registration forms and insurance waivers can be completed on campus or at home, and files can be e-mailed to your staff or uploaded to your website at the click of a mouse. When your office personnel can access these forms quickly and easily without cumbersome data entry, they’ll be able to process the necessary start-of-the-year tasks quickly and without the usual frustration.

Encourage Electronic Prowess

Bulk flash drives for high school students can be a helpful change from the oft-required assignment books they’re often required to purchase. While electronic forms can include all the same benefits, they can also allow for many other perks:

1) Customization (of format and of content)

High school students can create weekly pages that reflect regularly scheduled classes, quizzes, and assignments. They can also copy and paste from electronic syllabus files, instead of re-writing or re-typing every single word. Automated integration may also be possible.

2) Easy sharing (among students or with parents)

Students can easily e-mail or upload their agendas for parents or peers to see, reflecting their own schedule and to-do list.

3) Link inclusion (for school website, individual teachers’ sites, or grading program)

Instead of clicking around, trying to find that link they needed or hoping they wrote it down correctly, such links can be saved to their flash drives, providing immediate access to needed websites.

By getting students used to the benefits of technology, they‘ll be more prepared for college and the work force.

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