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Why Buy from CFgear?

Posted by CFgear

People always ask us, “What sets you apart from other flash drive companies?” We’re happy to answer!

1.) When you buy from us, you’re buying factory direct from a 100% American owned and operated company. We ship all flash drives from our headquarters in South Dakota.

2.) We’re known as your “Friend in the Flash Drive Business!” We know all the ins and outs of flash drive technology and accessories – it’s all we do.

3.) Experience matters. Our team has created thousands of different flash drive models, designs, and shapes, including a range of interface and preloading options.

4.) There’s no additional risk or delay from international customs or shoddy production, as there is from foreign companies who drop-ship their products from overseas.

5.) Every order is hand packed to ensure the best quality. Our staff signs off on the quality of all orders, meaning no blind shipping from overseas.

6.) No gimmicks or games – we don’t try to trick our customers by offering “free” gifts with overpriced drives or price matching. When you compare CFgear, you’ll see we offer a consistently great value.

7.) No shortcuts on the quality of our drives. All of our flash drive products come with a Lifetime Warranty! We’re dedicated to using only the best materials and offering the best product at a great price.

8.) Our team consists of certified technology experts! We work with PCBs, USB 3.0, software interfacing, and anything else that allows us to give you great advice.

9.) Our team doubles as expert promotional marketers. We know thousands of branding applications which can be enhanced by incorporating flash drives.

10.) We have hundreds of great accessories for flash drives, as well! Most are in stock at all times in South Dakota so we can ship them to you quickly and easily.

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3 Responses to “Why Buy from CFgear?”

Darcy B December 7, 2010

I need approximately 600 4GB USB Flash drives with or without logo imprint.

    CFgear December 8, 2010

    Thank you for requesting a quote from CFgear, Darcy. One of our staff will be providing that cost information to you right away.

Mark November 3, 2011


I need price quote for this below promotional item for my company forthcoming trade fair.The company logo will be imprint on 1 side of the item.
Item:4GB USB flash drive
Imprint color:Black
Item Quantity:700 units.

Get back to me on this ASAP.