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Here in the heartland of South Dakota, our customers have always been our focus. With the 100’s of thousands of flash drives going out each month, it can be difficult to take a moment to look at some of the jaw dropping products that we work on. As you may have heard, we produce a large number of custom shaped drives for our clients, and these custom shaped projects keep getting more and more exciting as they roll off the assembly line. With this in mind, we wanted to tell you about one of our most recent and exciting projects with a company called Subsurface Utility Exploration or SUE for short. SUE is one of best companies involved with underground excavation and utility mapping for some of the biggest players in the mining, energy, and transportation industries. Without boring you with some of the more tedious parts, this is how the project went according to our company president, Scott Van Egdom:

It all started a month or so ago, while I was returning from one of my many overseas trips. I found myself sitting with SUE’s president Mr. Brent Anderson discussing our operations, and brainstorming different ways to help SUE stand out from others in the industry. One of the many options we discussed were CFgear’s custom shaped flash drives.

Mr. Anderson showed me a few pictures of his SUE vacuum trucks, and I couldn’t believe the number of components that comprised the overall machine, and the number of details they represented in the custom drives. Both of us were concerned that the level of detail would make it impossible to get a realistic representation in the flash drive, especially given that a few other companies in the industry had already passed on the project. Never one to shy away from a challenge I set out to make Mr. Anderson a custom shaped USB drive he could be proud of.

Once I arrived back in the office I set my 3-D experts on the task, and provided them with the pictures provided by Mr. Anderson. The 3-d artists then took the pictures and created a rendering for us to use as a proof for production. From there, once approved, we sent the whole project into final production. If you take a look at the images, there’s no doubt why Bulk Flash Drives is one of the largest producers of custom shapes in the US. If you’re wondering if Mr. Anderson was impressed, take a look at this quote from his thank you letter:

“Thank you to everyone at Bulk Flash Drives for the magnificent work on our recent order for Subsurface Utility Exploration. When we first discussed this project I thought there was no way we could literally make a custom flash drive look like our very complex soil excavation trucks, but you topped even my highest expectations! The colors, the logo, the details on the fans, motors, etc was first class and my entire experience with your organization has been nothing short of fabulous. We’ve used the flash drives at a trade show and received rave reviews. As I mentioned previously, our truck manufacturer is going to reach out and discuss making a custom flash drive for each model of truck they produce. We are grateful for your efforts!”

Mr. Anderson was so impressed that he shared the product with the vehicle manufacturer, and their drives are scheduled to roll off of the assembly line next week. Bulk Flash Drives is the only choice when if comes to custom flash drives. Whether it’s a blank drive to be used simply for data storage, or a completely custom job, there is no project too big or too small! We’re your friend in the business from planning to completion. If you want an unbelievable new way to show off your event, booster club or business think CFgear, and give us a call at 800.371.1984.

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