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In the “information age” in which we live, today’s teachers are met with a quandary: They can find so many free resources they’d love to provide for their classrooms full of kids, but getting those resources into students’ hands can be a challenge.

What’s the answer? Custom USB flash drives from CFgear.

Solving the problems of time-consuming and costly printing as well as using extra paper, this solution is a major win for teachers, school budgets, the environment, and the next generation.

How Teachers Can Use Flash Drives

Often school websites can accommodate student resources, but the already overworked tech team is often too busy to get to the immediate needs of classroom teachers. Instead, teachers can load USB flash drives with almost any kind of file from class notes and supplementary materials to project instructions, links to helpful websites, and even interactive online worksheets and quizzes.

But that’s just the beginning: Band teachers could provide practice parts that students could then load onto their MP3 players or phones, and art teachers can enable students to accompany them on a virtual visit to famous art galleries and museums. This method of communicating resources would be much better than the chances of students correctly writing down the web address written on a whiteboard or projected from the teacher’s computer and then remembering to actually look it up later.

Ways To Fund Student Flash Drives

In order to provide the flash drives to your students free of charge, you could either run a flash drive fundraiser or seek out full funding from an area business or two in exchange for co-branding.

Another possibility would be to allow students to choose whether to purchase the drives themselves or to sell a certain number of drives in order to raise the funds for their own.

When you allow only Bulk Flash Drives flash drives to be used, you ensure that you won’t be bringing unwanted viruses into your classroom and that the drives themselves are high-quality devices.

How Students Can Use Flash Drives

In addition to providing students with resources, you can enable your students to use the flash drives to save documents so you can review them on the screen rather than becoming buried under mounds of paperwork. For audio or video requirements, they can record their own sound or video files, as well. Think speeches, music, presentations, and even “show and tell” and on-site “newscasts” – the possibilities are endless!

When it comes to connecting today’s technology with security and portability, custom USB flash drives from Bulk Flash Drives provide an unmatched resource that classroom teachers can use to enhance the learning and communication process. If you’re a teacher who wants to provide cutting-edge opportunities for the learners you serve, we want to help you meet your students’ needs.

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