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Public libraries are one of our country’s greatest learning resources. Whether big or small, libraries provide access to books, newspapers, computers, and other educational resources that many individuals would otherwise be unable to access. Unfortunately, many of America’s libraries are struggling. Not only is the current economy putting a strain on libraries’ resources, but many libraries are also facing some unique challenges. We’ll briefly address these issues and how Bulk Flash Drives is doing our part to help lessen the problem.

Some of the troubles libraries are facing are rooted in technology. Data in the 21st century is becoming increasingly insecure and more susceptible to theft and destruction. Technology, despite its amazing benefits, has also reached a point where saving files on a library computer, even for only a short amount of time, is no longer a smart or safe option.

To counter this, many libraries began encouraging patrons to store their data generated from their library computer sessions onto compact discs or floppy disc drives, but truth be told, these technologies are outdated. Many libraries have eliminated these direct load CD and DVD options and say they fear the potential for viruses, spyware, and other security threats.

Couple that with the fact that today’s libraries are facing budget cuts left and right, thanks primarily to fiscal troubles at the city, county, state and federal levels. Donations at many libraries are also dwindling, in part because of some libraries’ inability to keep up with new developments in technology.

Despite these challenges, the struggling economy actually has seemed to increase the popularity of many of the nation’s libraries. Individuals who once relied on the internet in their homes are now sometimes opting to save money by cutting internet access and using the library’s instead. People who used to purchase their books are now turning to the library for free access. Many libraries are seeing an influx in visitors, and they’re looking for ways to address the computer needs of all of these visitors.

Enter CFgear. Not only are flash drives one of the most popular methods for data transport (solving the outdated technology problem faced by many libraries), but when libraries sell Bulk Flash Drives flash drives to their patrons for a nominal fee, this can also help to generate a small stream of revenue for struggling libraries. And in this economy, every little bit helps. Libraries tend to offer flash drives in sizes of 128 MB all the way up to 4 GB, giving library patrons plenty of room for their files, music, movies, pictures, etc. These flash drives can then be sold at the front desk to help increase convenience for library visitors, all while helping to generate profit for the library itself.

In terms of customization, libraries generally go with one of two options.

Purchase with library funds and display the library logo

First, they can purchase the drives with their own funds and engrave or print their own logo and contact information onto the flash drives. This increases visibility and recognition for the library, which helps to improve the library’s reputation and solidify it in its role as a cornerstone of the community.

Purchase with sponsoring business funds and display business logo

Secondly, libraries also have the option of finding a sponsor for their flash drives. Many businesses are willing to work with libraries to help them raise funds. In most cases, the business agrees to purchase a bulk order of flash drives that have been customized with the business’ name and logo (sometimes coupled with the library’s name and logo or a “Proud sponsor of the library” message). The drives are then sold at the library, and all profits go to library operations. Businesses benefit from the advertising, and libraries benefit from the funds provided by the sale of the flash drives. If your library is strapped for cash, this is a great solution.

In the age of information and technology, if libraries want to survive, they’ll need to evolve. The good news for libraries? CFgear’s custom flash drives are an easy an affordable way to do just that. Call our friendly staff today toll free at (800) 371-1984 to learn more about how we can help your library.

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