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Flash Drive Packaging & Shipping

For the most discriminating custom flash drive clients, we have the network in place to produce completely novel packaging solutions. From blister packaging to wooden boxes, we’ve helped transform an already solid bulk USB drive project into a truly stunning solution that helps drive home the fact that your brand means business.

The best place to begin is to speak with one of our Solutions Directors. They can help guide you towards the right package materials and general shape depending on your desired flash drive model, customization choices and budget parameters. Additionally, previously developed custom package solutions can be leveraged to help provide a final product that is as professional as it is affordable.

We’ve worked to help organizations achieve fully customized flash drive packaging no matter how big or small. We’re committed to encouraging our clients to not just invest in a promotional USB drive project, but to push through to intelligent packaging solutions. Because we’re not content with being average, we’ve again positioned ourselves as the leader in the bulk USB drive marketplace.


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