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With technology ever evolving, everyday tasks are becoming easier and easier. Gone are the days of 3 1/2 inch floppy disks and 50 pound computer monitors. Today, we can store a wealth of digital media, including pictures, music, and documents on easily transportable flash drives.

Flash drives are great for many purposes

Every household with a computer can benefit from a flash drive’s many uses:

1) Pictures

A 32 GB flash drive can store up to 19,200 pictures, depending on their size and quality. A professional photographer, using higher quality settings would fill up his/her flash drive quicker than the everyday, casual photographer just snapping pictures of a family vacation. Organize, store, and save thousands of your pictures in a digital copy.

2) Music

Saving large numbers of MP3 files and songs onto your home computer or laptop can take up a lot of valuable space, making your computer run slower. You could save your music by burning it onto CDs. However, a CD runs the risk of scratches and malfunctions. A 32 GB flash drive could hold up to 2,048 MP3 files, depending on the length of the song. This could take the place of over 100 CDs.

Organize yourself with flash drives3) Documents

If your computer is holding all of your homework, assignments, and papers from every year of high school and college, chances are you have a disorganized array of Word files and folders. Organize all of your work by specific classes. You could make a folder for your Fall 2010 semester which holds a folder for each class. Clearly organizing your work into time designations ensures that you can always locate a specific piece of work. You can do all of this on a flash drive and free up space on your computer. A 32 GB flash drive can hold up to 640,000 document pages.

4) Backup

College students and professionals fear losing work that they spent hours, days, or weeks researching, organizing, and completing. Saving the work onto your computer is not enough. Having a backup saved on a flash drive will prevent any type of complications that could arise if your computer malfunctions.

5) Bring work home

During college and even in the workforce, you often work on several different computers. If you spend hours working on an assignment in a computer lab, how will you easily transport that digital content to your home computer? A flash drive allows you to easily save, delete, store, or transfer files.

With a lifespan of about 10 years, a flash drive can be used over and over again. Unlike a CD, you can add, alter, and then delete thousands of files. It can be used in a number of ways in any household. Use it to show off the pictures of your Hawaiian vacation or to backup your large collection of Billy Joel music. Whether you are organizing documents or backing up files, a flash drive is your best option.

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