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Horstman Family Reunion Flash Drive

One of the most fun projects we’ve done in some time was a recent project for the Gerrit Horstman family of Iowa. They were having a family reunion and wanted to make a lasting impression for all of the participants since people we visiting from all over the world. We took that a step further and helped them organize a single point of contact from video and photo during the reunion. They organized their contacts and before everyone departed the pictures and video was loaded onto the flash drives and each person was able to take their lasting memories home with them before even leaving the reunion! No waiting for the pictures to upload, then download or how to compress video…..It’s all there, custom lanyard included! Congratulations Team Horstman!

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4 Responses to “Family Reunion Flash Drives”

Julia Griffin November 12, 2010

Looking for Reunion flash drives

    CFgear November 12, 2010

    Thank you for your comment, Julia. One of our staff will be in contact with you soon.

Tina Taus November 4, 2012

I am interested in a price for the reunion flash drives and how you were able to get all the pictures and videos in one spot. Our reunion is in July but we are planning now. It may be something that people have as an option to buy like t-shirts!!!

Scott Van Egdom November 5, 2012

Thanks Tina!

At last count we’ve delivered custom technology…as well as T-Shirts…See CFpromo…. to more than 500 reunions in the last 24 months. So we know can help you with any products that can be used to offset costs of the overall reunion.

Our typical reunion layout consists of selling t-shirts, drinkware, etc DURING the event and taking orders for custom USB flash drives at the event. Then one or two people will usually sent us the photos and video of the event a week or so after the event had ended. We take that data and custom load it on each flash drive and ship them back to the coordinator. In some cases (for a nominal fee) we can actually ship them to each purchaser directly from our Sioux Falls, South Dakota warehouse.

As I mentioned we’ve become the GO TO company for promoting any type of reunion or gathering.