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Flash Drives Offer Many Uses in Educational Institutions

Universities and colleges of all sizes are continually discovering new and original ways to use flash drives to promote the school and improve life for students and faculty.


Flash Drive History

Before delving into the many benefits of flash drives, we'll spend some time reviewing their history. First, they're called flash drives because they use flash memory - solid state memory chips - instead of a hard drive's magnetic spinning disk.


These small memory “drives” plug straight into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port on a computer. They generally can hold between 64 megabytes and 128 gigabytes of data. These conveniently compact USB drives serve as reusable, portable hard drives that are about the size of a small pocketknife.


Countless Possibilities for Flash Drives at Colleges and Universities

USB flash drives have spread all over educational institutions in the past few years and can be used in endless ways. Custom logo flash drives can feature a mascot or logo over the school colors - for many different uses. Many students and faculty members seek to purchase these flash drives at campus stores.

Flash drives also can serve as an effective tool for recruitment and many other educational uses. You can choose to preload slide shows, video, music, and any other promotional content. USB flash drives can even load a specific website or auto-run custom messages when plugged into a computer.

Users can load additional data onto the flash memory stick together with the preloaded content. With a customized university logo on your drive, USB flash drive marketing actually creates a situation in which your target audience can keep using the marketing tool each day.


Practical Applications of USB Flash Drives in Schools:

Admissions and Recruitment

Any data, from enrollment materials, to a presentation about a specific department, to a promotional video, can be pre-loaded onto a flash drive. College or university custom USB drives are perfect to give students attending a recruitment event. They could even be mailed to high demand students as incentives.


Promotion of Event Schedules, Student Organizations, and School Departments

Custom flash drives preloaded with content offer more potential than brochures, flyers, and magazines.


Giving Incentives

Custom flash drives with a school's logo are a handy and fun gift – and the perfect tool to show your donors their significance. Bulk Flash Drives can preload the flash drive with a school event calendar, donation or tax benefit materials, and even a “Thank You from the President” on video.


Student and Faculty Handbooks

University student and faculty handbooks or other manuals can be loaded onto a USB drive, along with links to important websites.

Course and Exam Information

As technology becomes more prevalent, colleges are more frequently integrating flash drive technology into homework and examination routines. As an example, a flash drive can be customized to contain the teacher, course, or department information as well as exams. The student hands in the flash drive upon completion


Speeches, Presentations, and Lectures

Forget that bookbag or briefcase. A USB drive can hold all your lectures for an entire year and even multiple classes. You could use various flash drives to organize by topic or class.

Commencement Day

Why not send your excited, assertive graduates into the world with your brand? Choose to preload flash drives with information to help keep graduates involved in your university, including donation information, event schedules, and links to your alumni website.


Community Involvement

Take plenty of video and pictures, load them onto a flash drive, and you've got a handy tool to show off your work with the community. These drives could be sold at local businesses in order to promote the school's image.


The Missing Link

USB flash drives just could be the missing link to complete your college or university. The technology itself offers many useful advantages. But imprint a logo and pre-load some content, and the flash drive becomes a perfect marketing tool to improve your educational process and strengthen enrollment.