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Many non-profit organizations struggle to make ends meet: Enter, the fundraiser. While friends and neighbors may groan at yet another overpriced candy bar, we can help your group raise money by selling something nearly everyone can use: a USB flash drive.

Some of the organizations we’ve helped raise money through our fundraising program include church and school groups, youth sports teams, scouts, and music groups.

We’ve made it our business to become experts at school fundraising. This experience, along with our well-respected brand of highly effective flash drives, will help make your flash drive fundraiser a success.

Getting Started

To get the ball rolling toward your first CFgear-sponsored flash drive fundraiser, simply follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Fill out our super simple Fundraising Proposal form (below) or call our fundraising division at this number: 1-800-371-1984. We’ll be excited to learn about the specific details of your upcoming project.
  2. Decide on a price point and target number of drives you’d like to sell. Because our flash drives range in quality and memory, we can cater to just about any price point you desire. Your profit will add up to about 30%, which can add up a lot faster than the bake sale profits you were counting by nickels and dimes last year!
  3. Once we’ve discussed your fundraising project specifics, we’ll create and send you virtual proofs so you can approve the design. At that point, we’ll send you the order forms you’ll need to start the sale.
  4. Since we don’t ask you for payment until your fundraiser is ending, you can start taking orders right away.

The order forms we’ll send you will have sample pictures of the drives, so your customers will get to see a picture of the product that they buy. Once you’ve collected all your forms, you’ll simply send them to us, with the payment, and we’ll finalize your order.

Make It Successful

If you’re trying to wrap your head around how to make your flash drive fundraiser distinctive and successful, here are a few ideas:

  • Combine your school-branded flash drives with our lanyards or any of our other accessories to be sold in your school store.
  • Plan your fundraiser for spirit week or the beginning of a sports season, and sell them pre-loaded with school or sport-specific calendars.
  • Discuss sponsorship with local businesses to subsidize the cost of the flash drives, helping you maximize your profits. In exchange, you can have the business name printed on one side of the drives and have advertising preloaded into them.
  • Preload event photos or videos on the flash drives. Then, you can market them to students and their parents.

The best part of hosting a flash drive fundraiser may well be that instead of begging people to buy cookie dough or pop corn, you might actually have people excited to support your club or group.

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