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At CFgear, we’ll work hard to earn your business and your trust, as will many of our legitimate competitors. We don’t want to blackball our fellow purveyors of fine flash drives, but we do want to help you steer clear of faux flash franchises that will end up plaguing your budget without delivering the quality products you deserve. If you’re looking online, you could easily fall prey to fraudulent flash drive distributors, many of them based in mainland China.

In order to avoid doing business with a wannabe instead of the real deal, you’ll want to take into consideration factors like the company’s references, professionalism, customer service, and home base.

Check Out References

Just because someone can slap a site up on the web does not mean that they’re running a legitimate company, no less delivering quality merchandise. Any company worth its salt has customers who are happy to publically express their appreciation for a job well-done. At CFgear, we’re pleased to have many kudos from our fabulous customers, but we know we aren’t the only ones.

If you choose another provider for your custom flash drive needs, at least make sure it’s someone else with an equally impressive track record for providing quality products and service. If a company can’t provide any testimonials with specific company names or contact information, then our advice is to steer clear.

Judge Their Website

You know that whole thing about not being able to judge a book by its cover? It’s way too cliché. Just like you can tell from the storefront of a brick-and-mortar store whether its owners care about details, you can tell from a company’s website whether they’ll provide professional quality products. We’re not talking about a typo here and there, but chronic spelling errors and broken links can all clue you in to the fact that a company is far from quality-focused.

Require Optimal Service

If a company has yet to earn your business and isn’t answering your questions now, do you think they’ll be more helpful once they have your credit card number? Maybe they are industry leaders, but maybe they aren’t – you cannot go by generalized claims they make. You’ll never regret requiring a company to earn your confidence by answering your specific questions promptly and thoroughly.

Discover Their Location

If you look under the “Contact Us” or “About Us” tab of most companies’ websites, you’ll find a physical business address. If that information is left out, the business may be a shady one. Often, international companies leave those details out when targeting the highly lucrative US market because it allows them to keep high shipping charges hidden until they’ve hooked you with their low product pricing, made possible by using low quality products and avoiding paying their employees decent wages.

At CFgear, you can read all you want about our South Dakota pride, and if you want to take a road trip and visit our office, we’ll pour you a cup of coffee and might even give you the grand tour!

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