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The Rockefeller™ USB Drive

Drive Info

The name itself shouts executive class and respectable design. Brushed satin metal finish and genuine black leather make this flash drive stand out in a crowd. We can laser etch your text or logo in a subtle image or in an attractive white color to command attention.

Size Availability

The Rockefeller™ Flash Drive Specifications

Basic Specs

Material: Leather and Aluminum

Sizes: 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB

Standard Colors: black, brown, custom colors and textures available on request

Imprint Information

Imprint size: Front and Back: 30mm x 8mm

Imprint Method

1-3 color silk screen/laser etch/embossing: included 4 color silk screen available

Shipping & Packaging

Ship Weight: approx. 4.5 lbs per 100 Packaging: Plastic Sleeve or White Paper Box



These are some suggested accessories to enhance the Rockefeller flash drive.


The KeyRing is like the StringRing but with a few more cool-looking metallic attachments. It's great for easily hooking on and taking off.


Bulk Flash Drivesoffers a world of customization options for the ever so popular lanyards. The 0.6cm lanyards can be imprinted with any text you want and are offered in custom colors. The 2.5 cm cousins can come with or without a clip, increasing the realm of possibilities!

ExquisiteSatin Pouch

Looking for a flash drive pouch that's fit for royalty? Look no further than the ExquisiteSatin Pouch. Available in vivid merlot, brilliant gold and select other colors.

Creative Uses

Creative Ways to Use Bulk Flash DrivesFlash Drives

Whether you're trying to impress a CEO or giving out first-rate gifts to clients, the Rockefeller represents your company with class. The metal and leather add a professional look and feel. Laser etching adds an extra touch by displaying your company's logo with class.

Consider This Scenario

During economic insecurity, many people are looking to the advice of skilled professionals, knowledgeable in areas of finance. Financial advisors could create a flash drive preloaded with a wealth of information regarding 401K accounts, savings accounts, personal loans, credit card debt, and so on. With a customized interface that appears immediately upon insertion, users could simply click on the tab that they want to learn more about. You could even include short video messages that would offer invaluable advice to consumers.

You may even consider preloading a worksheet in which they can fill in their own personal bills and income in order to reach a monthly budget. Having financial goals can also help a person get out of debt or avoid it. Perhaps you could include charts in which consumers could document their goals and achievements. Consumers are looking for an easily accessible way to make educated financial decisions. A financial advisor can help them achieve this with a flash drive.

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