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Here at Bulk Flash Drives worldwide headquarters in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, there are always a few of the same questions that come up almost daily. One of our favorites is to explain exactly what bulk USB flash drives are. Given the amazing amount of choices out there it can be confusing to know what it means when we refer to bulk custom flash drives. At Bulk Flash Drives we do our best to plan ahead so we are ready for you no matter what your interpretation of bulk flash drives consists of. Here are the two methodologies we incorporate at CFgear.

The Bucket of USB Flash Drives

Bulk flash drives can be a tub, tray or bucket of custom flash drives, with no logo but a mixture of colors. Those that buy flash drives in bulk via this route are typically customers looking for a bunch of flash drives for basic office use or for a classroom setting. Oftentimes, a library or research center will call and ask us for this option for a large quantity order of USB flash drives. There are several reasons why this facet of our business is available for our customers.

1) Sure you can buy tubs of Verbatim or SanDisk drives on Amazon. However, they are sold in typically one capacity, with very inexpensive plastic shell casings, usually plastic USB stems and usually in one style or color. All of which to us at Bulk Flash Drives makes us grimmace. If you want to buy flash drives in bulk quantities, you should still be able to select metal or plastic shell casings and be able to select more rugged and durable steel USB stems (plastic stems can break after as few as one use if you accidentally try to insert the drive incorrectly … see our blog post explaining the results of our quality testing retail versus Bulk Flash Drives drives).

2) You should also be able to mix and match your colors freely.

3) Lastly, why pay retail prices for wholesale size orders of USB flash drives when Bulk Flash Drives IS THE FACTORY and can spare you the brick and mortar markup that either Amazon or Staples will charge you.

Bulk Flash Drives flash drives ordered in bulk quantities stand up to the durability, reliability, speeds, and delivery schedules that you can find from any of the top brands offering high volume batches of flash drives. A quick scan of drives similar to our offering shows a 25 piece lot of 2GB drives from Buy.com for $289.00 delivered. The good news: there are multiple color options. The bad news: the drives are all plastic, have plastic USB connectors on them and cost almost $12.00 each. The same 25 drives from CFgear, with any variety of colors, styles and with metal USB stems, will presently run you around $6.00/drive delivered (based on March 2012 pricing, and keep in mind that flash drive pricing regularly fluctuates).

Real Bulk Flash Drives

So you want the convenience of wholesale flash drives but you also take pride in your logo or color scheme of your company, school or organization. Why settle for cheap plastic knockoff drives, when you can add a vibrant color logo or engraved etch on your USB flash drives from Bulk Flash Drives and STILL get them delivered about as fast as a trip to Staples or filling out the online order form for Amazon or Buy.com.

And the price? How about around $7.99 each (again, based on March 2012 pricing). No way you should ever pay $12 per drive for 2GB in any world, but especially with Bulk Flash Drives having direct factory capabilities to ship to you anywhere in the USA directly from South Dakota. No need to try to source your own, or worse yet, turn to places like EBAY and suddenly end up with off spec units or tricked units with incorrect capacities. We have baskets of drives people have sent us to test for them. In most cases the EBAY bulk flash drives simply don’t stand up to even our first level of testing.

Bulk Flash Drives has been doing the custom bulk flash drive thing for almost a decade. We not only know the bulk flash drive business, we’ve been immersed in the middle of it since its very beginning. We have tens of thousands of drives ready to ship immediately from our factory in Sioux Falls. If you don’t care about a logo, we can ship the same day. If you want us to etch or print on your bulk volume flash drive order, just give us 24 hours to allow for the ink to set and cure. After that, they are on the way to your location.

Bulk Flash Drives has always maintained that we are your friend in this crazy business of custom technology and custom USB flash drives. We tell it like it is. We share with you fact and figures from our own research & testing, as well as that contributed by third parties into flash drive technologies. We offer insight to our multiple case studies, of which we typically have as many as three going on at any given time. We give back to our world by staying green and also by giving away a batch of logo imprinted flash drives every month to deserving entities at www.freeflashdrives.net.

Bulk Flash Drives is so much more than a company that offers wholesale pricing on large quantity flash drive orders, but we think it is important that you understand your options, what Bulk Flash Drives can do for you regarding promotional flash drives, and how truly buying in bulk (not just tubs for visual effect, but true bulk value) can still offer you amazing value and even basic customization for a lot less than you’d pay to even a discount online chain for the same items.

Considering using Bulk Flash Drives for all your bulk USB flash drives needs? When you look at the facts, you will find us on the top of your wish list for customized USB flash drives, and if you have any questions or need two or 100 of your drives in green instead of purple, don’t accept NO for an answer. Simply pick up the phone and call us at 800.371.1984 to discuss your specific bulk flash drives needs.

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