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It seems like we are constantly flying around the globe in order to keep up with the “newest thing” in technology, and to keep ahead of the curve, so to speak, for our valued customers. In fact, we recently got back from one of our trips. We were able to streamline a number of processes, but our most interesting finds were in new product options! In the coming months, we’re planning to offer a number of new products including a few new drive models/shapes, a ton of interesting new packaging, USB hubs, and a whole new line of custom lanyards in various styles, shapes, and colors!

In addition to our new lines on the retail side, we were also able to talk with some of our partners about a number of new “US based” flash drive companies. As we suspected all along, many of these so-called retail operations have popped up within mainland China as pricing on 2-3 tier flash memory chips has become cheaper. If you know what you’re looking for, these fraudsters are easy to find. We’ve put together a few simple ways for you to protect your budget.

1. Where in the world is this business located?

If you’re going to do business on the internet, we recommend that you take a look at the business address. Many websites have it listed in their CONTACT US portion. If you find a company who is proud of where they are, and where they came from, you’re usually more likely to get good service from them. If the company seems shady, and won’t supply simple information, it’s typically safe to assume that the service you’ll receive will be spotty at best. Don’t be caught on your heels with exorbitant international shipping charges when they can be so easily avoided. With CFgear, you can trust that we’re based right here in SD, and we’re proud to be!

2. What do other clients think?

Many websites (Bulk Flash Drives included) are very proud of the work they’ve completed, and are happy to put up ratings and comments on their website. If you’re suspicious of a company, take a look and find out what previous clients and contacts have to say. You’ll often find that they don’t have any listed, or that they offer non-specific testimonials without any contact. We’ve also seen a multitude of companies who utilize the same 5-10 companies in their testimonial page… On another note, since when is a scrolling logo equivalent to a testimonial? We’ve even seen a few website out there that steal testimonials, and then change the company and contact name! Would you trust a rating from “Ella Vator, or “Justin Time”? At CFgear, we have a TON of kudos up on the website, and many of our clients are happy to give you references on the quality service they received.

3. Can they spell?

When you’re on a website, take a look at spelling and grammar. Now, a typo here and there is usually nothing to worry about (our proofreader is far from perfect!), but it usually throws up a BIG red flag when we see chronic mistakes. Reputable websites spend a lot of time and effort proofreading to eliminate silly errors. Take a look at a few of the “gems” we’ve found:

“Sugn up for our newsletter you will be thrlled to sales of promotinal print on drive.”
“Many options avalable for loading with no costs”
“Tuns of fee options available. GR8 imp[rints which last 4EVER!”

4. Has anyone answered your questions?

If you have questions or concerns there’s only one thing to do… ASK SOMEONE! Any company should be able to answer just about any question you have on their products. If a company claims to be on the cutting edge, ask them what they have to offer on that front. If they don’t offer you a large capacity, new drive style, or a 3.0 drive, they’re not at the forefront of the industry, and they’re probably not someone you should put your confidence in.

5. So you’re in the US? What part of the business?

Some companies and websites are VERY tricky, and will assure you over and over again that they’re based out of the US. If they do, ask them how much production is done in the US. Nearly all of the components in electronics are produced on the pacific rim. Most companies do almost ALL of their production half a world away from their clients. Did your last shipment have foreign characters all over the place, or a sticker covering an old label? Bulk Flash Drives is happy to say that all of our items, layouts, and design are located in Sioux Falls. From assembly to preloads, imprinting, and shipping, we do as much as we can here in the US. You’ll get your drives delivered in a black and white Bulk Flash Drives box which is made here as well. It’s as close as you can come to Made in the USA in our industry!

Look, here’s the long and short of it: Take the time, and do your research. In order to be confident in your finished product, you need to be confident about the company who produced them. We’re your friend in this wild industry, so if you have questions or concerns, call, click, or come on in, and we’ll make sure you’re satisfied from start to finish!

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2 Responses to “Flash Drive Buyer Tips from CFgear”

Richard Greene June 4, 2012


I find it hysterical that in your buyers tips section among your concerns is “take a look at spelling and grammar.” Your step 1 contains a dangling participle! “Where in the world is this business at?” Really, is “at” necessary? Just a funny addition to professionalism.

Have a great day.


    CFgear June 5, 2012

    Thanks for catching that, Richard! Our marketing guy isn’t afraid to disclaim perfection :)
    We appreciate you taking the time to draw our attention to that, and we’ve made the correction.