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In South Dakota, the world headquarters of CFgear, nothing is more important to all of us than agriculture. We live it, breathe it, and in many cases are integrally still involved in it to this day. Because of our deep connection to farming, farmers and agriculture, Bulk Flash Drives takes great pride when called upon by organizations to help deliver clear but powerful marketing messages to clients that promote the well-being of our friends, family and neighbors.

When the National Beef Council came looking for Bulk Flash Drives to step up and help them deliver a compelling message in a more compact and portable form factor than a binder filled with paper, we took their custom USB flash drive and contents to a new level.

We know there is so much a small one inch flash drive can mean for an organization with many messages, hundreds of pages of dialogue, studies and commentary, that we almost get as excited as our customers when we know we can help their message hit the mark and shine like the South Dakota sun in July… and who doesn’t like a chargrilled medium rare porterhouse on a hot summer night! Yum!

CFgear… South Dakota to the core!

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