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At CFgear, we continue to find that the two fastest growing customer segments we are seeing in 2012 are the real estate broker markets and the photography markets. During a market segment meeting several months ago, a few members of our staff came up with the idea of offering smaller quantity options to both real estate salespeople and photographers, as in many cases they didn’t need thousands of custom Bulk Flash Drives flash drives or hundreds of customized Bulk Flash Drives flash drive packaging options. They just needed 25 at a time or so. So our operations staff put their heads together and came up with a tremendous set of options, highlighted by our custom bamboo flash drive and flash drive packaging options.

Bulk Flash Drives has taken specialized flash drives and customized flash drive packaging to new heights with our new bamboo offerings. We take your logo and literally burn it into the wood producing a truly one of a kind USB flash drive with an original flash drive packaging option that simply cannot be duplicated. The grain of the wood allows for massive amount of incredible shading of dark and light tones of the natural wood grain.

We fell in love with these options from the first time they came off our production line in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Yes, you heard us right, South Dakota. It doesn’t take weeks to receive your order of custom thumb drives and wood flash drive packaging. Give us a couple of days, and give UPS a couple of days, and your next home showing or senior picture portrait session can include a unique gift package for each customer.

With photography flash drives from CFgear, what a great way to add a profit stream to your photo shoot by offering all of the portraits on an etched wooden flash drive, tucked neatly into a wooden flash drive box, just like Jerdan Photography Studios have been doing for months.

Want to find additional revenue streams for photography flash drives and services? Just give Bulk Flash Drives a call, and we can walk you through what hundreds of photographers are already doing and using to grow their business through premium branded flash drives and specialized flash drive packaging from CFgear.

Custom flash drives for Realtors®! Customized flash drive packaging for photographers! At CFgear, we are Custom Made Easy and your factory direct source, delivering world class marketing products and solutions directly from Sioux Falls, South Dakota for almost a decade.

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