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As Bulk Flash Drives continues to experience exceptional growth and width in the scope of our customer marketing and technology solutions, we increasingly find ourselves in unique opportunities to partner with some of the top philanthropic organizations in the USA. When great customers such as those from the United Way, need help, Bulk Flash Drives is ready, able and willing. We started with strong partnerships in South Dakota (our US headquarters are based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota), but it was clear than more than 1300 local chapters of the United Way in the US alone, we had our work cut out for us for the branch in King County in Seattle, Washington. In many cases we deliver custom USB flash drives that contain specific content for each local United Way chapter. In other cases, we are involved in full fledged marketing programs with custom color banners, brochures, and even specially developed video content. Bulk Flash Drives does it all in one stop, and we often throw in a few extra trinkets or specialty one-of-a-kind marketing tools that our sister company, CFpromo produces. At Bulk Flash Drives we strive to be a one stop shop to ensure your marketing and technology solution has no middle man, as costs are as important to us, and a nonprofit such as The United Way. We would rather see those extra dollars go back into the communities in which they were generated.

If you aren’t convinced on our commitment to local, national and world wide nonprofit organizations, please see our recent press release on our recently inked partnership with the YMCA’s of America. Bulk Flash Drives is the TRUSTED source for everything custom in technology, including all 1300 local chapters of the United Way.

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