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You know the scene: Plenty of well-dressed tables littered with pamphlets, free pens, magnets, etc. What can you do to help your display stand out to prospective clients? Whether you’re in the publishing, healthcare, photography, education, or construction arenas, USB flash drives can help you provide valuable information about your services. When you add custom shapes on top of these already impressive devices, you’ll have a powerful little marketing tool that gets you the attention you deserve.

Preloaded Files

From videos to documents and even links to your website and e-mail address, your custom flash drives from Bulk Flash Drives provide a high-tech way to reach your target clientele. In a world where people are increasingly more drawn to the multi-sensory experience provided by video, the result is obvious with dollars and cents. You could use video interviews with current clients or a voiceover effect of their kudos being read while you show a slideshow of pictures that pertain to your job. Depending on the industry you’re in, the multimedia effect can be far more helpful than mere text, in showing off your expertise.

Including Links

Those same people that are more likely to view a video than read a brochure are also more likely to click than use their fingers. When prospective new customers don’t have to key in your company’s website, Facebook page, Twitter account, or e-mail address, you increase your chances of their connecting with you, as well. Our preload options include automatic loads of your webpage and the capability of linking to just about anything.

Today’s Image

The quality of your goods and services are certainly paramount, but in today’s competitive marketplace, you need more than that. If your image is sleek, fresh, innovative, and environmentally conscious, you’ll at least win the opportunity to showcase your finely honed skills. Without that kind of appeal, your company may never get the attention it deserves.

Custom flash drives from Bulk Flash Drives will demonstrate your ability to think outside the box and provide high-tech ways to communicate while cutting down on waste. Even those who don’t think they’re interested in what you have to offer will be unlikely to refuse a tool they know that they can use.

When they plug it into their computer, they may just give you a fair hearing. If not, they’ll at least be flashing your brand around whenever they use their USB drives.

Extra Attention

As if the preloaded advertising and image marketing weren’t quite enough, Bulk Flash Drives also includes custom-shaped exteriors as an option within our catalog of styles. Whatever product, building, or logo will help people recognize your brand, we’ll amaze you with our ability to create it for you in miniature. This is just another way that we can help you get your services noticed at that next trade show and help your table become among the most popular places to be.

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