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Did you know that Shakespeare probably had no more than a grade school education? Often, those destined for greatness possess what most students don’t: Initiative and self-discipline. Regardless of your qualms with the details of “No Child Left Behind,” as an educator, you love the ideal to which it points: educating all children equally.

For those Shakespeare-esque students out there, your job is almost done for you. For the remaining 90% or more of your classes, though, you need as many tricks up your sleeve as you can muster. Thankfully, your bag of tricks can expand from the size of a sandwich bag to the level of Mary Poppins’ miracle bag with the help of one thumb-sized device: academic USB flash drives.

Resource Sharing with Academic Flash Drives

You’ve heard the excuse a million times (give or take): “I didn’t have time to take down all the notes.” Of course, printing a set of notes for each student is both cost- and time-prohibitive. With academic bulk flash drives, you can provide class notes to students in various formats, so they can fill in the gaps in their own hand-scrawled notes. And you know that review game you worked so hard to create, only to use half the questions during the class period before the test? You can now send it home with students, some of whom may even use it to study socially with their friends from class.

Multi-Sensory Learning with Academic Flash Drives

Another huge benefit of your new bag of tricks is that it isn’t limited to text files. Other types of resources, such videos or audio files, can be loaded onto academic flash drives, as well, especially for the benefit of those whose learning styles fail to thrive when the only media available to them is in print. Instead of sending home detailed text instructions for a project, you can explain the details on video, showing examples of prime examples, helping both at-risk students and their parents understand your expectations.

Interaction with Academic Flash Drives

Along with a variety of resource types, academic bulk flash drives allow you to share interactive resources with your students. For those tempted to let their eyes skim over words while their minds are wandering far from the printed page, these kinds of activities can be vital to their comprehension. As a school teacher, I can’t tell you how many times I wrote out the web address for these excellent grammar quizzes, only to have students tell me they hadn’t copied down the web address correctly and couldn’t access it. When you can put a link to the exact quiz directly on the drive for students to click on, the margin for error is greatly reduced. In addition to such ready-made online resources, you or your students can create unit-specific quizzes and share them with others in the class.

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