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South Dakotan ... and proud of it

We're not going to leave you yawning at the typical boring "about us" information. We just can't help being original and creative because, well, that's who we are.

You can find us on the Southeastern fringe of South Dakota. Yes, that’s the State where they carved presidential faces out of a huge cliff wall and built the world’s only corn palace. Hey, we're famous for something! We consider it “home”… the humble, honest plains.

Premium Flash Drives

We searched long and hard for the best flash drive hardware and software experts anywhere, and we found them.

Now, we're here to help you get the features you want in your flash drives at the right price. We'll help you design flash drives that get noticed and make a lasting impression. Flash drives that shout "quality" inside and out.

The Bulk Flash Drives Warranty

We provide a lifetime, no-questions-asked exchange program. If any one of your Bulk Flash Drives flash drive products malfunctions, we promise to replace it with a similar style and capacity drive.

Note: Since we use premium quality NAND Flash memory in producing all our customized USB drive products, your promotional flash drive project will have a less than 1% drive failure rate.

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We use the information you provide us about yourself for your order only to complete that order. We pledge not to pass any of this information on to outside parties except to the extent needed to complete that specific order.

We use return email addresses when answering email we receive. These addresses are never used for any other purpose or shared with outside parties. See our full privacy policy.