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As your school gears up for the next academic year, balancing budgets and finding ways to use innovative technology are probably high on your list. With bulk flash drives for students, you can solve many problems associated with paper assignments, increasing student productivity and teacher satisfaction.

1. Flash drives can be connected to lanyards.

Unlike notebooks or folders, which require students to remember to grab them out of their lockers, tote them home, and then bring them to class, these handy devices can be worn around students’ necks at all times. Many students already wear a house key on a lanyard around their necks, and a growing number of schools require photo identification cards to be worn at all times. The addition of a USB flash drive, such as CFgear’s handy “I.D. Drive” can easily coordinate with this popular trend. In schools where losing an I.D. card is simply not acceptable, keeping track of connected flash drives can easily be expected, as well.

2. Flash drives reduce potential for destruction.

From age-old excuses like “the dog ate my homework” to “my printer ran out of ink,” teachers and schools can help eliminate excuses by providing students with bulk flash drives. While paper is easily torn and crumpled, USB flash drives are durable devices that resist such simple methods of destruction.

Especially for students who often deal with messy lockers, overstuffed backpacks, or group transportation, having homework that’s acceptable to turn in can seem nearly impossible with the paper format. With schools offering USB flash drives (purchased in bulk at wholesale pricing to keep costs affordable for their students), though, their problem is solved.

3. Flash drives lead to legible assignments.

Even when papers are not torn to shreds, many teachers bemoan assignments turned in on wrinkled or unusually sized paper, scrawled in colored ink, or written with penmanship akin to hieroglyphics. When assignments are turned in on USB flash drives, teachers can be assured of a standard, easy-to-read format as well as an easily discernible word count.

4. Flash drives promote technological advancements.

Part of the reason students’ handwriting has become so slovenly is that they rarely have to use it. Like adults, they regularly communicate with friends through cell phones and other electronic devices much more often than with handwritten notes (yes, even during class). Instead of asking them to regress to old-fashioned methods of communication, using flash drives encourages tech-savvy students to hone skills valued in today’s higher education and workplace environments, encouraging future success.

5. Flash drives encourage economic and environmental stewardship.

Many students smirk at the irony of their school’s celebration of environmental and fiscal responsibility while reams of paper are printed with costly ink by expensive copy machines, each day, in their schools. They see it and they call it like it is: hypocrisy. Thankfully, you can avoid adopting a “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” approach to these vital topics by using flash drives to reduce your school’s paper waste and printing costs.

To order flash drives in bulk for students at your school, contact Bulk Flash Drives today at (800) 371-1984 and ask about our many custom-imprinted options today. We’ve served thousands of schools across the United States and Canada.

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