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Welcome to BulkFlashDrives.com, a division of Bulk Flash Drives. As leaders in the custom flash drive industry, we've provided marketing solutions for thousands of organizations ranging from schools to libraries, ad agencies to bands, and nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. With years of combined experience and expertise, we're ready to walk beside you each step of the way to develop your custom branded flash drive solution at wholesale pricing.

We listen to our customers and help them conceive a product that's best for their organization. We're open to your ideas and want to give you affordable solutions targeted to your specific needs. Browse through our website to see the many flash drives and accessories we offer. Read grateful words of praise from many satisfied customers. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how you can use promotional USB flash drives today.

Trendy USB Flash Drive Styles

  • luxor
  • exact match
  • pedal to the metal
  • more modern quill
  • curve
  • credit flip
  • airplane
  • web key
  • id drive
  • slider
  • camera
  • swivel

Custom USB Flash Drives

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Premium Flash Drives You Can Depend On

We put our USB drives through rigid quality testing to ensure they comply with our high standards.

Our clients trust us to provide reliable high volume orders of USB flash drives, and the products we deliver must surpass those expectations.

We offer a no-fine-print warranty: if one of your drives malfunctions, we'll gladly replace it with a comparable flash drive.

Vancouver Public Library

Our Flash Drive Catalogs Are Just the Beginning

We offer popular customizable flash drive styles:

For companies interested in custom shaped wholesale priced flash drives, the sky's the limit. Contact us with your ideas or sketch, and we'll put our thinking caps on and give them a spin. We love to be creative!

USB Flash Drive Accessories

box with sliding top

Premium Accessories for the Perfect Touch

Match your promotional flash drive with one of our fine metal cases or velour pouches.

If you're looking for the earth-friendly touch, try our recycled wooden box. Or, for a more casual look, check out our custom imprintable lanyards.

We also offer practical keyrings, string loops to attach your drive virtually anywhere, and the traditional plastic blister packaging.

leather drive and leather pouch

Big on Branding? Customize Your Accessory

Why stop with just a logo flash drive? Go all out and make an impression they'll never forget! Imprint your logo on our premium flash drive accessories.

Pamper your custom flash drives with branded lanyards, wooden boxes or our leather pouch. Our blister package can be tailored for a classy presentation. Blow the competition away next convention with bulk flash drive giveaways that get people talking.

USB Flash Drive Customization

Boston Science Partnership

We Create Bulk Custom Flash Drives

We'll help you know which customization options look best for your logo with the wholesale flash drive models you prefer.

We offer a wide variety of flash drive customization options including our stylish BlackJack etching along with laser etching, engraving, embossing, dome imprinting, pad imprinting, and silk screening.

Hilton HHonors

Customization for High Volume Orders

We're the Bulk USB Drives Company. Since 2006 we've been fulfilling orders for tens of thousands of flash drives along with smaller orders for several hundred drives. We're equipped to handle your order for just 50 drives or 500,000 drives.

Our flash drive solutions experts have the experience to help you with your high volume custom flash drive order. We're here to serve.

USB Flash Drive Duplication


Worry Free Mass USB Duplication

Need to duplicate preload data onto several hundred flash drives? Mail your drives to us (or buy our inexpensive bulk flash drives), and we’ll lighten your load with our time tested, affordably priced duplication services.

Complete our duplication service inquiry form for a fast quote. We'll nurture your project with the Bulk Flash Drives touch our clients enjoy.

STI drives in duplicator

Save Money By Buying Your Bulk Drives From Us

If you have a promotional project that requires data duplication for several thousand flash drives, get discounted pricing on our duplication services by buying your wholesale USB drives directly from us.

If you've already purchased your flash drives, call us at 800.371.1984 to arrange for shipping them to Bulk Flash Drives, and we'll gladly duplicate them for you at our competitive rates.

USB Flash Drive Data Preloading

Brookings, SD preload screen

Need Smart Preloading Solutions?

Rocket your flash drives above the crowd with our explosive data preload solutions.

Choose from the three interface options below, or let us custom craft an original to your specs.

Starbucks preload screen

It's the Finishing Touch That Counts

Complete your custom flash drive project with a branded computer drive icon that displays when a user plugs in a drive. Talk about a seamless promotional branding campaign!

When you need logo flash drives, imprinted drive accessories, smart data preloads, hassle free data duplication and custom F: drive icons, trust Bulk Flash Drives for the best in flash drive solutions and service.

The Story behind BulkFlashDrives.com

Flagstar Bank

Expertly Crafted USB Flash Drive Solutions

We offer advanced USB drive solutions for high volume orders. Our team of experts will help you get the job done right. We’ve transformed sophisticated flash drive technologies into simple solutions to meet your objectives with precision.

To date, we’ve helped deploy millions of dollars in wholesale flash drives expertly engineered to provide stylish, simple solutions.

Automated Logic

We're the Custom Flash Drive Pioneers

Every project is another chance to introduce the latest technologies & capabilities flash drives offer.

While we give thanks to the thousands of clients that have helped us earn our position as an industry leader, we know technology is always on the move. We continually research new avenues, more feasible approaches, and increasingly intelligent solutions involving USB drives.

Creativity Meets Technology with Custom-Shaped USB Flash Drives

Here at our South Dakota headquarters, Bulk Flash Drives is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to help you market your brand with our custom USB flash drives. Three of our most recent custom-shaped flash drive orders seem to have fit the bill when it comes to brand recognition and customer satisfaction.

Paul MitchellPaul Mitchell Shampoo Bottles

When we were asked to help brainstorm a unique design for the students at the Paul Mitchell Beauty School, Bulk Flash Drives came up with what looks like a travel-sized shampoo bottle but is actually a USB flash drive loaded full of materials for those enrolled in the school.

The easily recognized shape and branding had even our creative team amazed at how realistic the finished product looked.

We delivered these tiny trophies of flash drive beauty to our client in a custom blister package with an insert they’d requested.

Standard Engineering Can

When the Bulk Flash Drives team partnered with Standard Engineering Group, we knew we’d come up with an innovative design. The folks at SEG provide metal forming dies and systems for packaging companies in the food and beverage industry. Our can design quickly came to mind, since it’s one that we’ve used for dozens of other projects.

Standard Engineering GroupOur customer requested a couple specific details which required some reworking of our original design:

• Lightweight and small enough to be used as a keychain fob • Lasting materials that would stand the test of time

For starters, we retooled the inside in order to use a metal alloy that would promote the retention of shape and luster. This kind of change is possible because we run our own factory, rather than ordering from some overseas wholesaler. We micromanage the entire process ourselves, allowing us to stand behind the quality we provide.

As we had hoped (and expected), our customers were thrilled with the result. We love it when that happens, and we’re so glad it happens all the time!

Children’s Hospital Teddy Bear

Children's Hospital of MinnesotaWhen our friends at the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota said they wanted a flash drive shaped like a teddy bear, it seemed like a simple order. However, it wasn’t just any teddy bear—it was a unique teddy bear, their hospital mascot.

We sent a team out to take a look at our model, first hand, in our neighboring state in the heart of winter. The phrase “cold hands, warm hearts” comes to mind. These people are so caring about what they do!

We were happy to find them thrilled with the finished product, a charming miniature picture of the comfort expert care givers provide.

Whether you already have a shape or image in mind, Bulk Flash Drives can provide a custom-shaped, fully loaded USB flash drive that represents your organization with panache. Why not give us a try?